Capsule Skateboard: The most durable skateboard deck ever

Capsule Skateboard

Many people enjoy skateboarding and longboarding as a leisurely way to enjoy the outdoors and pass time. But getting involved into this hobby also takes considering the costs of keeping your equipment in tip-top shape. For a fact, skateboard decks often see replacements multiple times each year due to breakage and loss of traction. This causes upward costs for many skateboard hobbyists, which in turn also calls for more and more trees being taken down for use as raw materials. Aiming for a longer-lasting and a better overall boarding experience, the Capsule Skateboard was born. It’s a new kind of skateboard that benefits from an engineered material and structure that can give new life to your skateboarding or longboarding experience. Simply put, it’s the most durable deck material ever made.

What sets Capsule apart from ordinary skateboards is its extensive use of advanced materials and novel application of material engineering. Ordinary ones tend to break apart due to two main reasons: environmental factors such as humidity and temperature, and usage factors which involves extensive use and normal wear and tear. With this in mind, creators of the Capsule skateboard were set to redefine the skateboard starting from its core component: the board material. While there has been no word on the exact materials used by Capsule (it can be a trade secret), it states that their boards have closely similar characteristics to the combination of carbon fiber and wood, while achieving better durability and recyclability to reduce the chances of replacing them too often.

Capsule Skateboard

Rated to be as much as 6 times stronger than conventional skateboards and longboards, Capsule aims to give the same exact experience as with traditional boards with added longevity. It also ensures that you’ll have the most compliant ride on a skateboard, whatever the surface – this is made possible by the material being able to absorb as much impact from the ground as it can. All-weather resistance comes standard with Capsule, improving over conventional wooden boards that tend to degrade and break apart with prolonged exposure to moisture and heat. There’s also no need to worry about de-lamination – Capsule is engineered from the ground up to be 100% free from breaking and chipping, so you can take pride in owning a durable skateboard that looks just as new even after repeated use. It even pops higher and slides faster, both of which Capsule owes from its use of a custom-designed material.

Why bother to replace your boards so often? With the Capsule Skateboard, you can instantly save on ownership costs while keeping the enjoyable experience of surfing the streets on your skateboard or longboard.