Wheelzz: The next big thing in roller skates


Wheelzz roller skates

There’s a big chance that you’ve already roamed around the village on the neighborhood sidewalks with roller skates when you were young – for more than three decades now, these pairs of wheeled kicks have been very popular with kids and teens. As modern urban commuting evolved over time, roller skates have also found their way to the smart personal transportation niche. A new kind of roller skates is about to revolutionize the market for personal commuting devices, and it’s called Wheelzz.

Wheelzz is a smart pair of skates that features the first and only dual suspension system for its class – it’s designed to take you further down the busy city streets in style and comfort.

Breathing new life into the traditional, decade-old roller skate design, Wheelzz is an innovative representation of the evolution of skates. It aims to bring a new kind of fun and excitement to the skating experience, as it packs cool features that are only seen in powered longboards and free-standing wheelbases. Its most highlighted feature, the dual suspension system, lets you cruise a variety of road surfaces – from bumpy and rough to smooth and even – in the most comfortable way possible. The system eliminates the bumpy sensation that normal roller skates would give on uneven surfaces, effectively taking away strain from your legs and knees while riding.

Double-lined wheels on each skate are fitted onto the strong yet lightweight beam-and-axle structure that makes up the suspension system. This provides more stability in cornering and helps in overall balance. The wheel pairs are designed in a staggered formation, meaning you can push yourself forward even further with the same amount of effort. In addition, the suspension system can be fully adjusted based on your preferences via the suspension force bolt – you can choose to make the suspension feel as soft or as hard as you want, allowing you to fully customize your ride for different uses.

Wheelzz Roller skates

These pair of smart skates are available in a wide range of feet sizes to cater everyone, ranging from 5.5 to 11.5 (US). The suspension is also designed to carry weights from 35 to 100 kilograms. In terms of road compatibility, Wheelzz can handle most road surfaces including tarmac paths and pavements, whether smooth or uneven. However, it is restricted for use against dirt roads and cobblestone surfaces.

With Wheelzz, you can expect a fully compliant skating experience no matter what road surface you’re on. Thanks to its dual suspension system, you can enjoy a comfortable ride on your next commute or exploring around the neighborhood.