Nakamichi Edge: The smart headphone designed to protect your ears

Nakamichi headphone

Nowadays, we are exposed to overly loud music – statistics from the World Health Organization show that over a billion young adults and teenagers are prone to hearing damage as a result of using hearing devices such as headphones and earbuds at very high volumes over a long period of time. Not only it poses a long-term detrimental effect to our hearing, but also increases the risk of accidents caused by the inability to hear our surroundings. In a mission to help reduce the widespread of this digital lifestyle pandemic, a Japanese-American consumer tech company Nakamichi has engineered a headphone specifically designed to help prevent hearing loss while also delivering top-notch audio quality. It’s called the Nakamichi Edge, an over-the-ear headphone resembling the popular Beats high-end headphones.

With a push to develop artificial intelligence (AI) even further for the benefit of the ordinary tech consumer, the Nakamichi Edge features AI technologies to automatically adjust the volume of your audio based on your immediate surroundings and listening habits. What it does is that it turns down the volume of whatever you’re listening using a continuously collected audio data from the source and the outside environment, which the system then examines and applies various optimizations in different parameters such as dynamic range, reverb, pitch, and many more. The result? Nakamichi Edge can make your tunes sound even better, while also protecting your eardrums from long-term damage.

Nakamichi headphone

The Nakamichi Edge’s design is heavily inspired by the likes of Beats headphones. Starting with the foldable form factor and huge earcups that fully blanket your ears, they look sturdy yet fully portable. Premium materials come standard in the soft-padded leather cushion linings around the earcups and the headband, adding to an enhanced comfort for long periods of use. It features two powerful audio drivers on each earcup, resulting in an added fidelity across a broad range of music genres. Active noise cancelling is made possible through the use of four microphones for clearer phone calls and an augmented protection against external noise. Using Bluetooth wireless protocol to connect with your devices, you can enjoy a totally wire-free listening experience for up to 14 hours on a single charge – perfect for long-haul flights or days of everyday commuting. If you run out of charge on the go, however, you can still enjoy your audio via the wired aux input.

Enjoying your audio is more than just the experience itself, but also putting your ear’s well-being into consideration. The Nakamichi Edge is a perfect example of an audio accessory that does this, as you can be fully immersed in your music while also taking care of your hearing at the same time.