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Learning how to code is a hot commodity nowadays, as many top tech industries are relying on programmers and the art of programming in general to move their businesses forward. However many people are being put off just by figuring out how to put their hands (and fingers, literally) on making their own code – they see it as intimidating, difficult, and to some extent, even impossible. The truth is, coding is a skill that can be learned by anybody with the right amount of effort and dedication. To help more and more people learn the art of programming, a community-based platform called was created. is a free platform that provides the opportunity to learn various programming languages in the most engaging and easiest way possible.

For some people, starting to learn a new thing is done best with the help of someone who knows their craft well. responds to this philosophy quite well, since the platform is designed in a way that people who know how to code can easily share their knowledge with beginners. All of the available learning content on the site is made through collaboration among experienced members of the community. is served Wikipedia-style, with the added benefit of getting truly hands-on with the overall learning experience. In addition, the site is a huge step forward from the traditional learning style of watching hours and hours of video lessons on coding. With, people can really pull up their sleeves and do something relevant, as help with any of the available coding lessons can be availed directly through peer members. learn to code

Ranging from elementary to mind-boggling complex programming, offers a broad range of learning materials for anyone who is interested to learn how to code. From the most basic code strings that run on a command prompt window to advanced graphical representations and video programming, the site can deliver an immersive learning experience without ever leaving your browser. Thanks to its container-based architecture, the platform allows to create learning content on any programming language, API or framework. Right now, content published by members in the community includes tutorials around C, C++, Java, Python, PHP, Node.JS, Swift, and Ruby, among others.  All lessons that are part of each programming language can be readily accessed via the GitHub repository, which also allows for open-source continuous revision and improvements on the tutorials as well as helpful commentary from content authors and readers. aims to bridge the gap between traditional learning and the hands-on experience of programming by allowing anyone to access a plethora of educational resources with utmost ease and convenience. Most of all, it costs nothing to access everything on it, whether you’re learning to create your very first code or just want to sharpen up your programming skills for your next projects.