Neuroon Open: The mask to help you sleep better

Neuroon Open mask

Did you know that sleeping takes up about a third of our entire lifetime? Yes, you read that right. While it takes a significant chunk of our lives, sleeping is often undermined for most people, especially those who are strained by real-world commitments and extensive exposure to blue light from electronic devices. It can be really hard for these people to get a high-quality sleep, but if you’re one of them, there’s no need to freak out – a solution has been devised to help you get the best sleep you’ll ever have, without doing so much. Introducing Neuroon Open, a smart slumber mask that can help you give great sleep and a more energized feeling.

There are a handful of devices out there that usually fit beneath or beside your bed to monitor the quality of sleep you’re getting, but Neuroon Open wants to break this trend by offering a new approach. Made from a durable yet comfortable foam material, the mask shifts its own shape to your face to create a snug fit. By integrating all the sensors and smart electronics within a svelte slumber mask, this device hits two birds with one stone – you get a solid isolation from external light with the mask itself, and the built-in circuitry does all the magic in terms of analyzing how well your sleep habits are.

The electronics built into Neuroon Open does so much to pick up how do you fare in your sleep, and uses these data to give comprehensive analysis and sleep recommendations. Advanced sensors detect your brain’s EEG activity to create an “image” of your sleep patterns, and from this the mask automatically creates sleeping profiles that would let you have smarter naps and wake-ups. In addition to this main feature, Neuroon Open also allows you to immerse yourself in audio-guided meditation sessions to help you even further in achieving a brighter and more energized disposition every day.

Neuroon Open Mask

Paired with the Neuroon Open mobile app, you get a clear overview of your sleeping habits as well as comprehensive analytics on the quality and quantity of your sleep. The user-friendly interface provides accurate graphs and concise numerical figures to represent your sleep. With normal use, the mask can last for up to 5 days on a single charge with its built-in 500 mAh lithium-ion battery. It’s also designed with ergonomics in mind, as you can sleep in any position while wearing it.

Neuroon Open seeks to ensure that anyone deserves quality sleep every single day. By cleverly integrating advanced electronics in a comfortable slumber mask you can wear every day, there’s another good reason to look forward to lay in your bed.