UpSens: Smart pollution and radiation sensor

Upsens to measure pollution

We may not see it, but there’s a lot of harmful stuff in the air we breathe and the space we live in – both at home and at the office. It’s easy to care less about these things due to our hectic lifestyles, but it is of paramount importance to look after our own well-being and health. To solve this, a tech startup is developing a pair of smart devices that will let you know about the quality of the air you breathe and your exposure to radiation from digital devices and appliances. Introducing UpSens, a suite of smart sensors designed to improve your overall wellness.

UpSens aims to make you aware of how much pollution you’re being exposed into, so you can take steps to bring down levels of harmful elements around you or eliminate them altogether. It’s a subtle and minimalist yet useful piece of tech that sits on your desk or table in the office, or anywhere in the home that you and your family frequently spends time in.

It comes in two types, the UpSens Air and the UpSens Wave. What UpSens Air does is that it can detect the presence of air pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon monoxide, and other gases that are by-products of incomplete or bad combustion processes. You may not notice, but you actually produce these harmful substances through everyday, mundane tasks such as cooking, using stationery items such as paper, pens, and even printers, and from the use of various insulation materials in your home. UpSens Air features sensors specifically made to interpret levels of these harmful substances in the surrounding air, and informs you via its touchscreen LCD display.

Upsens for pollution

Having a similar approach, the UpSens Wave senses the amount of electromagnetic radiation that your digital devices and appliances emit at any given time. As you use your mobile phone, laptop, or home appliances such as TVs and microwave ovens, certain amounts of radiation can enter your body and do harm. With UpSens Wave, you’ll know how high or low these levels are, so that you can take action to adjust your usage habits or eliminate the sources as needed. Both UpSens Air and UpSens Wave can be linked via the UpSens mobile app. From there, you can have full access to your UpSens sensors with real-time detection information, as well as knowing the exact location of these sensors in your home or office.

In the age of digital things and worsening air pollution, UpSens is a must-have in your home or office to keep you informed and proactive when it comes to taking care of yourself and your family’s well-being.