Baserock: The backpack that lets you feel your music

Baserock for music

If you’re a true-blue music junkie, you know that being able to see and hear your favorite artist perform live is the ultimate way to enjoy music to your heart’s content. Not only it gives a sense of pure bliss and cheer, but also puts you right in the center of immersion. To help you achieve your concert goals, there’s a new backpack that brings more oomph and thump to the action. Introducing Baserock, a backpack designed to amplify what you hear from your surroundings and sends low-end frequencies directly to your body. It’s the only backpack that can truly make you feel your music.

Baserock aims to be your best concert companion – aside from its unique sound-amplifying feature, it also keeps you fully hydrated during those adrenaline-packed crowd cheering and singing-along. You may wonder, how does Baserock make you feel your tunes? Simple, really. It has a microphone that picks up ambient sound coming from your surroundings, and interprets the sound to create an amplified response that is sent directly to your body via a bass-boosting EVA foam material. What you feel is an improved acoustic sensation that creates the sense of amplification – this is what makes you literally feel your music around you, which in turn improves your perception of sound. Two 15-watt transducers are driven by custom audio amplifiers housed within the round EVA foam material deliver the bass boost experience. Its intensity can also be customized via a knob conveniently placed on the shoulder strap.

Baserock for music

Designed by a team of seasoned designers of top names in backpacks, Baserock boasts of smart convenience features and a trendy design that’s both functional and stylish. It ensures all-day comfort made possible through the use of lightweight, breathable, and durable mesh-and-foam construction in the straps and back lining. The backpack only weighs 4 pounds without load, so you can fully load up on your daily essentials without straining your back so much. As it also functions as a hydration backpack, it can hold up to 2 liters of water in a BPA-free reservoir system. Its 16 liters of voluminous storage space lets you put in anything you need for going to your next favorite music festival, all secured by five zipper pockets locking a water-resistant nylon fabric. You can enjoy Baserock’s audio amplification for up to 8 hours on a single charge with its 2,600-mAh lithium-ion battery.

Thanks to Baserock’s ambient audio amplification technology, anyone can truly get immersed in great-sounding live music in concerts and music festivals like never before.