FlexSafe Plus: Secure your personal items

FlexSafe Plus for personal belongings

When you go for a swim, burn calories at your favorite gym, or just doing anything outdoors, it’s often hard to keep an eye on your personal belongings. Much more, it’s tough to keep all your essentials safe and secure in one place. Petty theft is common amongst people who go for activities where they can’t take their bags with them – it’s a real pain to know you’ve lost your valuables without you even knowing. It’s about to change now with the FlexSafe Plus, a smart and slash-proof portable stash that lets you keep everything you need on the go, sans worrying about theft.

FlexSafe Plus is engineered from the ground up to be safe against thieves – it touts itself as the ultimate portable safe. It works both indoors and outdoors, thanks to its all-weather construction made from five layers of advanced materials: a tough 1680D Denier Nylon exterior layer, an ultra-slash-resistant layer, a 3-millimeter EVA lining for rigidity, RFID-blocking layer, and a soft Nylon interior layer to keep your valuables intact. FlexSafe Plus comes in two different sizes to suit everyone’s needs, while keeping all security and smart features standard across the lineup.

FlexSafe Plus for personal belongings

There’s no need to be a “bag watcher” ever again. FlexSafe Plus is designed to protect everything inside it, and then some. Along with the slash-proof material it’s enveloped with, the bag also features motion-sensing alarms that make use of theft-sensing technologies to know when an impending attempt to carry, open, or destroy the bag is detected. A loud alarm (rated at 110 decibels) is emitted when FlexSafe Plus detects any suspicious movement, so you can be more proactive to your stuff. In addition, it also features a durable internal zipper closure that’s supported with a magnetic locking flap, a reprogrammable heavy-duty combination lock, and RFID blocking mechanism, keeping both your physical and digital files intact and unharmed.

What’s a tough bag without some handy extras? FlexSafe Plus also boasts of a set of features designed for the ultimate road warrior. It comes with a built-in power bank that is also detachable for untethered use, a flashlight, and a compass. What’s more, the voluminous 10,000-mAh power bank can be recharged either via a USB power connection or a solar charger – your digital devices such as smartphones and tablets can stay powered for longer, especially when outdoors.

FlexSafe Plus lets you enjoy the outdoors even more without worrying about losing your important stuff. Say goodbye to thinking so much about your belongings, and focus on what matters to you.