intelliPLUG: One plug to turn everything into smart appliances


Countless  home appliances and fixtures you can find at your favorite hardware and electronics store are now well-equipped for the future, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) tech trend. Sure, it’s fancy and futuristic to have these appliances around the house, but is it worth to ditch everything you have just for the cool features? If you want to future-proof your existing devices at home but don’t want to jump on the spending spree bandwagon just yet, fret no more. Introducing intelliPLUG, a tiny and cheap smart plug that turns every piece of home appliance you have into smartly controlled ones.

Enabling each intelliPLUG is a custom silicon that enables wireless control from your linked smartphone. There is no need to set up a central hub to make it work – just download and fire up the intelliPLUG mobile app, plug it into any fitting socket with your your home appliances and fixtures, and voila! Setting up intelliPLUG takes just under 60 seconds, and there are no complicated steps to do. As each tiny plug is individually controlled from the app, it offers infinite flexibility for customization, including scheduling/automation and a so-called “smart plug” technology that automatically turns off the plug whenever it senses no load from the appliance.

A big part of future-proofing your home with IoT devices includes over-the-air updates. intelliPLUG supports all software updates to be pushed as they become available, so you always get the latest functionality without even lifting a finger. In addition, each plug is compliant with stringent UL certification standards to ensure safe and power-efficient operation every time. While there’s currently no option to see your power usage from the intelliPLUG app, these plugs sip as little power as possible and only whenever needed with the “smart plug” technology.

intelliPLUG plug

If you’re already using existing IoT applets and hardware protocols in your home devices, intelliPLUG supports these right out of the box. It’s designed to work with voice commands on Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, with support for IFTTT, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home already in the works.

With so much potential that IoT devices can offer, intelliPLUG can be your first dibs at what the future is all about for your smart home. It’s relatively inexpensive and requires no complicated setup to use – key attractive points for people who want to get a taste of smart home devices without breaking the bank.