Bluesmart Series 2: The supercharged smart luggage

Bluesmart luggage

When it comes to luggage, you want it to be tough and durable to last a very long time. But with today’s modern traveler demanding better features in a travel bag, what’s better than durability and toughness is by having a bag that delivers exactly what you need to satisfy your active, tech-loaded mobile lifestyle. Meet the Bluesmart Series 2 travel luggage, the smartest travel bag you’ll ever have. Featuring a combination of four distinct tech products in one, Bluesmart Series 2 keeps you connected while also making your travels as seamless and convenient as possible. Traveling has never been this high-tech.

Your luggage, supercharged – that’s what the Bluesmart Series 2 is all about. It aims to revolutionize the way you go places with its set of features unseen for such a travel accessory. When your old, trusty travel bag just can’t keep up with your fast-paced life, this luggage promises to give a run for your money. The entire Bluesmart system is composed of a large checked bag, a carry-on, a laptop bag, and a passport pouch – each of these are connected to your smartphone for centralized control and customization. It is designed to work with the stringiest travel security standards for a seamless experience in airport security checks. From the bags to the passport pouch, each are built to last with durable materials and resistance to water splashes.

Bluesmart luggage

Bluesmart Series 2 features premium materials that are durable and lightweight – the carry-on and checked luggage’s are made out of layered polycarbonate of German technology, and the laptop bag and passport pouch are constructed from a durable fabric and multi-layered nylon. They also feature GPS and cellular tracking over a 3G connection, making it easy and worry-free to track your bags while on the go using your linked smartphone. Featuring voluminous storage space for your travel essentials and more, you can be sure that nothing gets left behind for your next trip. The laptop bag and the passport pouch both support location tracking over Bluetooth, and alerts you promptly if they get out of your reach. A supercharger feature on the carry-on and the laptop bag makes sure you’re powered up on a cross-country or intercontinental flight. You also don’t have to worry about identity theft with built-in RFID protection on the passport pouch.

A companion mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices put you in full control of all your Bluesmart Series 2 travel accessories. The app provides a clean and easy to use interface to track your bags, as well as to store travel history and provide important travel information in real time.

With the Bluesmart Series 2, you can truly look forward to a more enjoyable traveling experience over and over again. Boasting of premium construction, advanced security, and convenience features, it’s the perfect companion for the modern traveler.