Sonnet: Turn your phone into a long-range walkie-talkie

Sonnet walkie-talkie

We now live in a world where communication is more vital than ever – thanks to more advanced radio and cellular technologies, we are unlocking more and more better ways to interact with each other over the most challenging distances. One good example of evolving communication technologies is long-range, mesh-based networking, which can make normal smartphones into a super walkie-talkie even without a cellular connection. Developed by an Ontario-based tech startup, Sonnet is one of the few mesh-based network devices in the market that aims to bring this novel technology to more people.

What Sonnet basically does is to make your smartphone receive and send information across a broader distance even without Internet or cellular coverage. Leveraging the power of mesh networking, it can provide a way to communicate among Sonnet-enabled devices for up to hundreds of miles away. Sonnet lets you send and receive texts, voice clips, photos, and more right from your smartphone anytime and anywhere – it’s the perfect solution for people who frequent the outdoors such as adventure enthusiasts, field professionals, and concert-goers, among many others.

Sonnet Walkie-Talkie

When cellular or Internet connectivity can be tough or unreliable at times, Sonnet bridges the communication gap. It uses peer-to-peer radio protocols – the basis for mesh networks – in order to transfer information across a longer range than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technologies. By being independent from conventional networks, Sonnet enables you to communicate with virtually no interference and at instantaneous speeds even across miles and miles of distance. It works by connecting to your smartphone via an ad-hoc Wi-Fi connection, using this hotspot to create a network interface between your smartphone and other Sonnet users nearby. Once set up, you can be free to send information while off the grid.

Sonnet offers many advantages for long-range communication, such as unlimited transfer of data, support for a variety of file formats, completely secure and private communication with end-to-end industry-grade encryption, durable all-weather design, and emergency distress call feature. It also works as a portable power source for your mobile devices with its 4,000-mAh capacity, while also extending its effective battery life by up to 24 hours on a single charge.

If you frequently do stuff outdoors and want a reliable off-the-grid connectivity, Sonnet can really work wonders.