Flic Hub: Control your home with smart buttons

Flic Hub for your home

Smart, connected homes are increasing in popularity amongst many home owners today, thanks to the ubiquity of mobile devices and advanced wireless technologies that enable them. While your phone or tablet can have a variety of control options for these smart home fixtures, sometimes it can be easier to just press a smart button rather than pulling out your phone from your pocket or purse, or even reaching out for a remote. One great example of smart buttons is the Flic Hub, a smart button system that lets you create defined instructions for your connected home devices. It’s like the Amazon Dash, but with a broader, more complex set of abilities.

The Flic Hub is a fixed-type smart control for your home, which stays put in any surface and can be used without knowledge of Internet of Things – it just works, so people of all ages can experience the wonders of home automation. This is a perfect accessory for kids and elderly, as there are no complicated menus or clunky controls to fiddle with. The Flic Hub system is comprised of smart buttons and a hub, the hub acting as a “home” for the buttons to fetch and relay instructions at. The hub can take instructions from up to 60 smart Flic buttons at any given time, which means you can have all the flexibility to assign buttons for every purpose.

Flic Hub buttons

A single Flic button can be assigned with up to three types of presses to trigger specific tasks, namely a single click, a double click, and a long press or hold. Every task can be totally unrelated to one another. Say you wanted to assign a Flic button for your bedside table to control your bedroom lights, while also being able to open the front door smart lock when you have family and friends coming. These tasks can be assigned to that one Flic button, with each task having a trigger press to activate them. With support for Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Infrared home devices, most of your IoT devices at home will work with the Flic Hub. Home devices like smart bulbs, speaker systems, window shades, fans, thermostats, electrical sockets, as well as IFTTT applets will be right at home with Flic Hub.

The Flic Hub exemplifies the “less is more” design concept with the use of smart buttons to control everything with a simple click – no apps or remotes needed. With fast response times and a wide compatibility across IoT devices and services, Flic Hub can be a truly welcome addition to your smart home.