iBeamBLOCK: Smart compact modular projector

iBeamBlock Projector

Having to bring a lot of bulk during a presentation can be stressful, especially when it comes to setting up everything you need to get going. It’s also time-consuming and requires complicated device connections, reducing overall productivity at work or school. Luckily, a new smart projector wants to be the only gadget you’ll need when it comes to presentations. Introducing iBeamBLOCK, a modular-based smart projector that combines the power of a bright and vivid projector, a powerful and speedy tablet computer, and a generous power bank – all in a compact form that fits in your bag. It allows you to present virtually anywhere without the fuss of setting up multiple devices.

Power, versatility, and convenience are the strongest suits of the iBeamBLOCK modular projector. By effectively combining these three elements, you can take your reports and presentations with you everywhere the work takes you – there’s no need to bring a separate laptop computer, a bulky traditional projector, and a power source to make it possible. Through a tight integration of different technologies in a simple yet powerful device, iBeamBLOCK enables users to be on top of their game anywhere and anytime. Being based on a modular design, you can individually use any of its three main components or easily replace a single part without having to buy an entirely new unit. As conventional projectors are still stuck with legacy technology, iBeamBLOCK introduces a much more efficient hardware solution with the use of today’s mobile technologies commonly seen in smartphones, tablets, and personal computing devices.

iBeamBlock Projector

Featuring a vivid optical projector that emits up to 400 lumens of brightness, anything you put on iBeamBLOCK is the same quality – if not better – than most conventional projectors on the market. It has a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels, which is good for up to 120 inches of projected image without any signs of distortion. Using the full RGB color spectrum, images appear vivid and lifelike and text looks sharp from any viewing angle. The optical system also features auto keystone adjustment, which accounts for the angle discrepancies between the projector unit and the projected image – this results in a more simple setup process that eliminates the manual physical adjustment on the unit itself. In addition to the optical system, iBeamBLOCK features a built-in 4.5-inch tablet powered by Windows 10, allowing you to put all your presentations and needed documents and easily access them without a separate computer. And thanks to its 13,200-mAh battery, you can show your reports for up to 2 hours on a single charge. You can also power up your other mobile devices with the provided USB charging port.

iBeamBLOCK lets you be more productive without compromising on mobility and performance. Combining the power of a vivid projector system, a tablet, and a power bank, you can have a fully functional presentation workhorse with a touch of convenience.