ZUS Smart Tire Monitor: Keep your tires always in check

ZUS Smart Tires

One of the most overlooked car maintenance routines among most car owners is the regular checking of tire pressures. It is paramount to have your car tires checked for optimum pressure, as properly pressurized tires help in saving costs in the long run as a result of more fuel-efficient drive and longer tire life. While having your tires inflated right is a matter of visiting the nearest gas station, there can be a better way – with the ZUS Smart Tire Monitor, it’s easy to know the exact pressure of each of your car tires in real time, and help you proactively maintain your car tires for a better ride every day.

Unlike most car tire monitors available in the market, the ZUS Smart Tire Monitor detects even the smallest and slowest air leaks from each tire, and accurately informs you of pressure changes in real time. By giving you the upper hand in keeping your car tires in tip-top shape, you can be sure of a comfortable and safe driving experience with ZUS. There’s no guesswork here – ZUS detects changes in tire pressure in increments of 0.1 pounds per square inch (PSI), so you’ll know exactly how much under- or over-inflated your car tires are. Thanks to German sensor technology that uses temperature sensors in addition to pressure sensors to account for tire pressure changes, ZUS offers a more comprehensive view of your tire’s health.

ZUS Smart Tires

ZUS comes in a kit made up of four tire caps and an in-car receiver. Each of the tire caps are fitted with the advanced pressure and temperature sensors, relaying every tire information to the in-car receiver. The receiver attaches to your car’s power socket and syncs all data to your linked smartphone over Bluetooth. All tire information can be instantly viewed and managed right from your smartphone with the companion ZUS mobile app. Tire pressure can be interpreted in three units (PSI, kPA, or bar). A proprietary algorithm called AccurateTemp accounts for pressure changes due to change in temperature, which lets you get a more accurate tire reading with respect to weather or aggressive driving habits. The system also provides alerts for any abnormal changes in tire pressure and temperature in the form of a blinking LED on the in-car receiver and in-app notifications on your smartphone.

ZUS can be set up in three simple steps so you can get on the road in no time, while having the peace of mind with accurate real-time tire pressure monitoring. ZUS tire caps are theft and water resistant, thanks to a solid construction and an anti-theft locking mechanism. Each tire cap comes with a replaceable cell battery that lasts for an entire year with normal driving.

Trying to guess when one of your tires are slowly leaking or incorrectly inflated is now a thing of the past with the ZUS Smart Tire Monitor.