Fotofami: Keep your iPhone memories intact

Fotofami for memories

Sure, you got your new shiny iPhone. It’s cool and fun and all, but it gets a bit complicated when you run out of precious storage space – especially when you’re getting the hang of shooting photos and videos every single time. Fret no more, as a clever storage solution can easily and conveniently back up all your memories while also freeing up your iPhone’s storage at the same time. Introducing Fotofami, the first smart and private photo and video album that adds generous storage space for your iOS devices.

While there are many cloud storage options for storing your files such as photos and videos, these are commonly offered with monthly subscription fees. With Fotofami, you only pay once for your chosen storage based on your budget and needs, allowing you to freely back up your memories without the hassle of perpetual payments. Since it’s based on flash storage, all your photos and videos are securely kept offline, away from cloud server downtimes and online security threats. Just plug in Fotofami to your iOS device, and choose how much of your photos and videos you want to safe-keep – no Wi-Fi needed. Thanks to its built-in encryption feature that makes use of your fingerprint or defined pass code, your media are locally kept in the most private way possible.

The Fotofami mobile app for both iPhone and iPad is designed for utmost ease. You can make use of the built-in camera feature within the app, in which everything you shoot with the app are directly stored to Fotofami and not on your iPhone’s local storage. The app lets you organize and de-clutter your media files through an artificial intelligence technique called deep learning. This advanced feature automatically and intelligently organizes your photos and videos based on metadata such as location, time, and even the distinct facial features of your media subjects. You can also play a creative slideshow of your moments directly from the app, and it’s also easy to share your personal memories to your family and friends by just plugging in Fotofami on their own devices.

Fotofami for memories

Available in 64GB and 128GB storage capacities, Fotofami offers the advantage of fast and easy photo and video storage without the need for a cellular or Wi-Fi connection. It can store up to 50,000 photos or over 500 minutes of video on the 64GB model, while the 128GB offers twice the amount of photos and videos. Fotofami comes in two sleek metallic finishes – silver and rose gold – which makes for a perfect matching accessory to your iPhone or iPad.

When your iOS device calls for a more expansive storage solution for your photos and videos, Fotofami comes to the rescue. Its sleek and durable design paired with smart organization and security features highlight the advantages of offline local storage, which can give cloud-based media storage a run for its money.