Magpie: Keep track of your things and loved ones

Magpie tracking GPS

If you’re the kind of person who always tends to lose your personal stuff, you’ve probably read a thing or two about GPS trackers. These devices are usually small and compact, and can be clipped onto most items such as keychains, backpacks, wallets, and even on pets. You may not realize it, but you actually already have it on your smartphone – notable examples include Apple’s Find My iPhone and Google’s Find My Device – and are particularly helpful for those who usually misplace their phones. While GPS tracking devices have been around for some time now, they are less known to many of us. A smart tracking device called Magpie aims to change that by bringing GPS tracking abilities for anything within anyone’s reach.

GPS trackers of the past came in uninspiring designs and limited functionality, and quite frankly, are too complicated to setup and use for most people. What Magpie wants to do is to bring the most convenient and user-friendly experience to tracking your most valuable belongings or loved ones. Thanks to its tiny form which only measures 1.5 inches on each side, Magpie can be worn in any clothing, clipped onto basic everyday items, stashed into the smallest purses, and worn over your pet’s collar without being so much of an eyesore. It’s also water and dust resistant, owing to its use of a durable yet lightweight polypropylene material, which makes it perfect for any kind of outdoor use. Magpie also lasts for up to 3 months with a single charge, depending on your tracking usage.

Magpie GPS tracking

What sets Magpie apart from most GPS trackers of its class is one cool feature: it has a built-in SIM card, which allows for accurate and real-time location tracking from almost anywhere there’s a cellular network. Working hand in hand with the GPS chip, the SIM card inside Magpie helps you to accurately track anything in 185 countries right from your linked smartphone or tablet. Compared to other similar trackers that only have Bluetooth and GPS, Magpie offers unlimited range for its tracking feature, giving you complete peace of mind that it will work wherever you may be in the world. And for added security, a built-in accelerometer detects suspicious movement and will let you know if your moving items, such as bikes or drones, are going away from you when they aren’t meant to.

The companion Magpie mobile app for iOS and Android works as a central hub for everything you need with the device. From there, you can easily set up Magpie for your items and start tracking their exact location on a map. Individual battery levels for each Magpie unit are also shown. A geo-fencing feature also lets you set alerts for when the app should alert you if any of your tracked items go beyond their designated area limits.

With one goal in mind – that is to help you find your lost items or loved ones – the Magpie GPS tracker features a bunch of smart capabilities in a light and tiny form that you can take anywhere.