Play games a la Spotify with Blacknut


Blacknut games

Have you ever felt restricted by the way games are being played on your PC or mobile device? Today, it’s gonna change for good. One company is bringing all your favorite games to the table, a la Spotify. Introducing Blacknut, an online game platform that lets you pick all the games you want to play at any time you want. Similar to music streaming services, Blacknut offers you a vast catalog of games for you to choose in any combination with no restrictions.

For many gaming fans, being limited to certain titles have some major disadvantages – these include having to wait for releases and updates, some titles being restricted to one or two consoles or platforms, having hardware limitations for some games, and a limited amount of game compatibility across your computers and devices. Blacknut hopes to solve all of this by introducing a central platform where all of the hottest titles and latest releases are available for your total enjoyment. Its goal is to bring all your sought-after games in one place.

The Blacknut platform uses a state-of-the-art cloud computing technology to enable cross-platform gaming in the most seamless and efficient way possible. All your games are delivered from the cloud, eliminating the brick-and-mortar style of game purchases which adds unwanted steps before you could enjoy playing them. Not only it supports most desktops, laptops, and mobile phones and tablets, but also in set-top boxes and portable computing dongles. Featuring game continuity across the entire platform, you can start playing a game in your smartphone, and continue it on your PC – this works for each and every device you have set up with Blacknut.

Blacknut games


Through a curated list of your favorite games, Blacknut lets you easily choose from a wide catalog of titles that suit your personal taste. With out-of-the-box support for both independent and AAA releases, you can expect to enjoy every type of game you want from a broad range of genres. All it takes for you to enjoy Blacknut is a monthly subscription priced at $19.99 that opens up for unlimited gameplay for over 100 titles across your connected devices. There are no needed commitments for the subscription, so you can opt out anytime. Blacknut promises to open up more games across the platform through its ongoing talks with major game publishers and developers.