Strawbees Hovercraft: The fastest recycled toy

Strawbees Hovercraft

Many children these days are very preoccupied with digital toys and devices such as smartphones to play with apps.  Quite frankly, it can be pretty tough to open them up to playing with traditional toys from indigenous or scrap materials. With this dilemma in mind, a Swedish inventor has developed a toy that will bring a fun and engaging playing experience, while creating more uses for otherwise waste materials. Enter the Strawbees Hovercraft, the world’s fastest toy made from recycled materials. It’s a toy hovercraft in every sense of the word, and a responsible way for people of all ages to play and tinker.

Going down the memory lane, Strawbees is a tech startup that promotes the use of recycled materials for prototyping and hobby projects. Their ultimate goal is to open up fun and imaginative ideas for anyone to play with – all while using up-cycled materials that would otherwise be disposed. The Strawbees Hovercraft is a project that revolves around the startup’s philosophy: it’s a complete do-it-yourself hovercraft toy kit that features a base (“skirt”) that holds bits and pieces of electronic and mechanical parts, making up an entirely powered toy that can go up to 25 miles an hour over land or water.

Strawbees Hovercraft

The Strawbees Hovercraft kit comes with a complete set of injection-molded parts, electronics such as servos and actuators, cardboard panels, and a custom-designed Strawbees mechanical linkage system that puts everything together in place. All you need to do is put them together and get going. Strawbees encourages to build as many Hovercrafts as you’d like so you can race and compete with family and friends. Thanks to its upcycled materials that are lightweight yet durable, you don’t need to worry about breaking the entire thing – just build it again if you ever get to crash it against a hard object or wall.

Adding a retro flair to the kit, Strawbees Hovercraft comes in a 1950’s-inspired packaging with similarly-designed decals and material design. The entire kit also comes with a remote control and a rechargeable battery, so you can have hours and hours of fun on end.

Helping to encourage responsible use of waste materials for toy-making, the Strawbees Hovercraft can bring out the best in creativity and resourcefulness in anyone. With its use of recycled materials, there’s virtually no limit to what you can do with it.