Proof: Keep track of your alcohol intake

PROOF alcohol testing

Have you had much of a drink? It’s quite a challenge –  so to speak – to know how much booze you already had, especially when you go out on social gatherings and parties. It’s very  important to know your blood alcohol levels if you’re going for a drive back home or taking work the day after, as law enforcement is  really tough on drunk driving (and rightfully so) or your boss might slam you for being intoxicated. To help ease the fuss of using conventional breathalyzers for the task, a tech startup named Milo Sensors has come up with Proof, a wearable device that fits in your wrist to track your alcohol intake in a seamless and convenient way.

You might mistake Proof for a Fitbit at first glance – the difference lies in the hardware inside the band. A highly sensitive sensor detects minute traces of alcohol molecules in your skin and creates electrical currents that can be interpreted by the band’s software. This in turn creates an accurate representation of how much alcohol you currently have. A huge difference Proof has from a normal breathalyzer is that it continuously detects alcohol levels from your skin every second, as compared to a breathalyzer that uses a single testing point in time to give a result. Wear Proof on your wrist, and it will let you know when it’s time to stop drinking.

PROOF alcohol testing

The technology behind Proof is inspired by Milo Sensors’ work on bio-sensing devices that track chemicals from your skin. Proof works by inserting a cartridge into the band every time you need to track your alcohol intake. This cartridge contains the sensor that detects ethanol levels, and relays the information to your linked smartphone via the Proof mobile app. While the human body usually releases the first alcohol molecules in the skin after 30 to 40 minutes, Proof can already give fast and accurate response compared to a breathalyzer, since it tracks even the smallest alcohol molecules the moment they come out of your skin.

The Proof mobile app works hand in hand with the wearable by displaying comprehensive information on how much you’ve drunk and how long the intoxication effect wears off. In addition, you can customize alarms that will set off when it’s time to stop drinking based on legal or hangover limits for various beverages.

Proof can help you make informed drinking choices by keeping an accurate reading of your alcohol intake. The technology behind this wearable also opens up opportunities for tracking other chemicals in the body, such as caffeine levels, that will help people to relate their lifestyle decisions to their overall health and well-being.