Fuze Card: The one card for all your purchases

Fuze Card for purchases

Do you hate carrying a bunch of cards in your wallet? Worry no more, as there is one card that consolidates all your cards in one place. Say goodbye to bulky back pockets – introducing the Fuze Card, the one card to use for everything you do in stores, restaurants, online purchases, and everything in between. It simplifies your wallet by gathering all your debit, credit, and gift cards, so you don’t have to pull each individual card every time you use them.

The Fuze Card looks and feels just like your ordinary plastic. But the difference lies beneath its durable hardshell, adorned by a cool-looking, matrix-inspired design. Embedded microchips within its 0.03-inch thin profile can store a total of 30 cards. Not only it provides the benefit from keeping all your cards in a secure digital enclave, the thin form factor also allows the same exact usability you’d expect from traditional cards – knowing that it can be used for all kinds of point-of-sale terminals, you can be free of carrying so many cards at a time.

When it comes to using Fuze in actual transactions, you can be assured of a hassle-free experience. Registering your cards is a simple process of swiping them onto a provided card reader that connects to your smartphone. Once all your cards are registered, Fuze will show all your cards available for use with its built-in e-ink display. It’s also a breeze to shuffle between cards and select the ones you want to use at a particular transaction, thanks to three intuitive selection buttons found beneath the display. Fuze Card runs on a thin, flexible battery that lasts up to 30 days on normal usage; a complementary on-the-go charger can be used to quickly recharge Fuze if you’re away from a wall outlet.

Fuze Card for Purchases

Other key features of Fuze Card include the ability to be remotely wiped of all stored card information in case you’ve misplaced or lost it, preventing unauthorized usage. In addition, you’ll be informed of your card’s last location with push notifications to your linked smartphone. With support for both magstrip-based cards and EMV chip-equipped cards, Fuze Card can be used for a wide range of debit, credit, gift, and membership cards so you can have them in one place. An added level of security is achieved through its dynamic magstrip technology, which rewrites itself based on the current card being used. The Fuze Card and its mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Fuze Card lets you take all your cards with you wherever you go, sans the bulk and inconvenience of bringing multiple cards. Layers of data protection and advanced features make it a true smart card to simplify all your in-store purchases.