Benjamin Button: Capture everyday moments as they happen

Benjamin Button Moments

We live to enjoy spontaneous moments with our loved ones, and trying to capture everything in the process can be quite a tedious task. Dealing with clunky controls like buttons and screens can get in the way of making sure the best memories are kept and preserved on our digital devices. That’s why a new device comes with a solution that will help you focus on what matters, and later on the details. Meet the Benjamin Button, a tiny wearable smart camera designed to idly take all what’s happening around you, and lets you pick the best ones later on. It can free up your hand for more important things – rather than fussing around with your good ol’ camera.

Taking photos and videos from a first-person perspective, the Benjamin Button ensures that you can relive your special moments as you or your loved one saw it. Its simple design, taking the shape of a shirt button, can be easily clipped onto clothing for hands-free operation. There are no buttons to press on the device itself, and works fine even when exposed to water and dust elements. Made with families in mind, especially those with kids, the Benjamin Button is designed to be simple for a worry-free capturing experience thanks to its lightweight and durable construction.

Benjamin Button moments

Paired with the simple hardware is some of the advanced software algorithms to come in a mainstream consumer camera. Benjamin Button continuously seeks for important movements in the video stream coming from the camera module; everything that it sees are processed in real time for sounds, motion, and face detection. A custom-designed algorithm then senses what moments to keep in its internal memory, making it a truly smart family-oriented camera that takes only the most valuable memories and none of the fluff. Continuous improvements to the camera and the custom software will enable more advanced capabilities in the future, including more refined artificial intelligence that senses emotion and behavior from the surroundings.

All your captured moments are gathered and sent over to your smartphone via the Benjamin Button mobile app. The app acts as a central hub that lets you organize your events, preview and manage clips, as well as sharing your favorite ones to the most popular social media sites. There is no editing or post-processing required – just clip Benjamin Button, and see your footage’s on your device as they come.