Specter: Break the eye-fashion monotony

Specter fashion eye-wear

Everyone loves to flaunt their finest piece of eyewear under the glistening sun – there’s something with expensive pairs of sunglasses that makes a bold statement about one’s personality. However, this fashion trend has been the same for the past three decades, and it’s going stale with the same designs and materials. One tech-oriented fashion startup asked themselves if there’s a better way to break the monotonous high-end eyewear market. Through a re-imagination of how sunglasses are worn for style and substance, the Specter sunglasses was born. It’s a combination of highly advanced yet comfortable materials and inspiring designs that you can be proud to wear as you please.

Specter is not just about fashion – it’s also about the precise craftsmanship and a high attention to detail put together in its making. With the help of traditional Japanese craftsmen, the makers behind Specter was able to come up with a quintessential design that’s both comfortable and durable to wear for everyday use. Thanks to this design philosophy, Specter aims to stand out among the rest of sunglasses in its class, progressing towards a product bearing a fresh design sans the high-end flair.

Unprecedented for such an accessory, the tech behind Specter can be considered one of the most advanced. There are three available lenses for Specter, which caters to different lifestyles and tastes. A so-called “blackout” lens provides adaptive tinting under the bright sun, while clearing up the tint in indoor situations. For those who work under brightly-lit conditions, polarized lenses might do the trick by dramatically reducing glare and eye strain. If your eyes favor color-accurate vision, there’s a signature smoke lens for you. All lenses come in two distinct frame designs, and are rated UV 400 which completely protects your eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Specter eye wear fashion

Comfort and durability come as top priorities for Specter’s design. Crafted from premium materials such as titanium, high-grade synthetic resin and premium cellulose acetate, you can expect an equally luxurious and durable pair – Specter can feel almost as if you’re not wearing it at all, with its balanced feel and a lightweight construction.

When high-end just doesn’t make the cut, Specter comes to the rescue. Its unique combination of durable and lightweight materials, advanced eyewear technology, and a design philosophy that reflects Japanese craftsmanship are the main factors to consider if you’re in the market for a high-quality eyewear that begs to be different.