Cinder Grill: Restaurant-quality cooking at home

Cinder Grill

Sure, eating out at your favorite steak house or grill can be a pleasant gastronomic experience. But it’s quite tough to replicate the same exact food quality you’d come to expect from such bistros when you’re cooking for yourself or the family. One company aims to bring precise, sous-vide style cooking commonly being used in a handful of gourmet restaurants right in the comforts of your home. Introducing the Cinder Grill, a device that lets you recreate high-end dishes thanks to its precise attention to temperature.

Touted as a device that brings “high-end cooking with microwave convenience”, the Cinder Grill can bring out the chef in anyone – no cooking experience required. As convenient as making toast, Cinder can help you whip out restaurant-style dishes such as steak, fish, vegetables, and poultry without the fuss of going through the exact process of sous-vide cooking. Cinder aims to replicate the results of sous-vide, sans the extra steps needed such as searing and vacuum sealing.

The magic behind Cinder lies in the clever technology employed. Thousands of strategically arranged, tiny heating nodes provide precise heating across the food you’re cooking. This makes Cinder capable of cooking with a precision of one degree within the optimum cooking temperature of your food. Since it stays within a single degree of temperature, everything you put into Cinder stays at their ideal quality, taste, and form for up to two hours – you can even leave it to take care of the cooking while you spend time on other valuable things, such as preparing side dishes or chatting with family and friends. Once you’re done cooking, there’s virtually no mess so there’s no cleanup required – just wipe the Cinder grill surface with a paper towel and you’re all set.

Cinder Grill

Along with the precise cooking capability it offers, Cinder integrates smart and modern mobile technology with the Cinder companion mobile app iOS devices. It gives you complete control over your cooking experience right from your smartphone, so your next restaurant-quality dish is just a tap away. The app lets you choose from a wide range of dishes, with their own custom cooking temperature and duration. Built-in notifications will inform you if your food is ready once done cooking.

Combining the versatility of sous-vide cooking with a smart and precise heating mechanism, Cinder Grill can help you prepare dishes of Michelin-star quality right in your kitchen – allowing you to spend more quality time with your family and less on the fuss.