Lanmodo: Smart cover for your car

Lanmodo car cover

When you own a car, chances are you park  under the bright sunlight a couple of times per day and for hours at a time. Worse enough, you’ll find out that your car’s interior is too hot and it’s a real pain to deal with sweltering temperatures in the cabin once you step inside. A new car tech is going to change that. Gone are the days of manually putting car covers and shades and dealing with uncomfortable cabin temperatures with this new smart car accessory. Meet Lanmodo, the world’s first wireless and automatic car cover which not only serves as a car tent, but folds and unfolds to work even as a large beach sunshade and a smart camping tent.

Many car shades and covers offer basic sun protection for your investment, but putting them in and out is quite time-consuming and plain ineffective in some ways. Lanmodo offers a clever way to take out the fuss of manually installing covers and shades for your ride. It’s a fully wireless and automatic car tent that folds and unfolds in a matter of seconds. All it takes is for you to press a button on the one-touch remote control, and Lanmodo will provide protection for your car against harmful ultraviolet rays that damage the paint and extreme temperatures that heat up the cabin. You don’t need to crank up the AC whenever you enter your car from outdoor parking – Lanmodo can bring down the cabin temperature up to 35 degrees less compared when there’s no sun protection at all. It also folds neatly so you can pop it into your car’s trunk and get going anywhere.

Lanmodo boasts of an all-weather design that can take even the harshest of outdoor conditions. Lined with fiberglass and stainless steel, its internal frame is rated to withstand wind speeds of up to 42 feet  per second. Even better, the 210D Oxford fabric that blankets the strong frame structure helps to resist the heaviest hail and rainfalls, and can protect your car against falling objects as heavy as a brick. Adding to its toughness is a built-in anti-theft system to prevent prying ones from taking Lanmodo away from your car. Starting with the powerful suction system that keeps it intact on top of your car, Lanmodo also features specially-designed steel rope along the suction structure to prevent forceful cutting.

Lanmodo cover

It’s not only a car tent, but also converts to either a big beach umbrella or a camping tent that can cover up to 7 people at once. Family and friends will surely appreciate this neat feature, as Lanmodo can easily be converted into a big sunshade and a temporary shelter for your next outdoor getaway. To top it all off, a built-in USB port provides ample power for your portable devices or LED lamps.

If you want to keep your precious ride from the elements, Lanmodo can be your best bet. It gives smart protection for your car against heat, along with other nifty features that can come handy during outings or getaways.