GoPlay Mic: High-end audio recording in a tiny device

GoPlay Mic

There’s a way to record audio just by using your phone or tablet. Then there’s a way to record excellent and clear-sounding audio with a tiny device that easily clips onto your clothing or any camera mount. Introducing the GoPlay Mic, a tiny yet full-featured portable recording device that enables anyone to capture clear audio in any situation. Featuring CD-quality recordings and a wireless connection to your smartphone, computer, or tablet, the GoPlay Mic provides high-fidelity audio even in the most challenging recording uses.

GoPlay Mic was made in response to the needs of tech-savvy consumers who look for an audio recording solution that’s equally rich in features and reasonably priced. In the past, wireless mics have been around but they often tend to lose recording quality in hard-to-reach places. Professional-grade solutions are typically more expensive, and are reserved for industry applications such as in broadcasting. What GoPlay Mic wants to solve is to bridge the gap between an affordable audio recording device while keeping stand-out features commonly found in its high-end counterparts.

You can have a full-fledged audio-video recording setup with your smartphone or portable camera paired with the GoPlay Mic. It eliminates the bulk of traditional audio recording systems, while offering crystal-clear audio recordings in a tiny device. Road warriors such as travel bloggers and sports enthusiasts will find GoPlay Mic as a convenient way to focus on recording what’s going on and worry later about the technical stuff.

GoPlay Mic

Featuring a magnetic clip design, GoPlay Mic is easy to install and remove. Its sleek and elegant carbon and bamboo finish combines a native-inspired look with a futuristic touch. The microphone module is able to record 24-bit audio at a frequency of 44.1 KHz in loss-less PCM format, rivaling the recording performance of many high-end audio setups. Its internal battery provides up to 1.5 hours of high-quality recording and up to 16 hours of standby time. With its available internal storage of 8 GB, GoPlay Mic can store hours of audio on end, so you can keep recording without worrying about losing recording space. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet via a Bluetooth 4.0 connection, so you can sync back your recordings to your device with utmost ease.

GoPlay Mic is all about mobility and recording performance. It aims to solve the problem of having to carry bulky recording systems, while keeping the same high-quality audio you’d expect from more expensive setups. It can open up new possibilities for mobile users who want to take advantage of high-fidelity audio with their point-and-shoot cameras.