Gladius: The ultimate deep-sea drone

Gladius underwater drone

The technology revolution in drones, driven by game-changing products such as the DJI Phantom lineup, has enabled drones to reach as many users as possible – previously only available as a niche product serving the high-end consumer market. Taking the opportunity arising from this revolution is a tech startup which will take drone technology from its place in the air to the deep waters of the open ocean. Introducing the Gladius underwater drone, a photography and exploration drone made for underwater applications, featuring advanced capabilities designed for easy operation with excellent results.

Gladius belongs to a class of remotely operated vehicles, or ROVs, which is what drones are categorized as such. The only difference is that it can bring standard airborne drone features to water depths of up to 328 feet (100 meters), so you can take clear photos and videos of everything that the deep waters hold. Its compact and portable form factor lets you explore, observe, and navigate deep waters while taking 4K videos and 16-megapixel photos. Complete waterproofing and use of strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy material makes it last underwater for up to three hours. A total usable range of 100 meters vertically and 500 meters (1,640 feet) horizontally is made possible through its use of a semi-tether connection combined with long-range Wi-Fi-based communications protocol linking to your smartphone.

A feature that makes Gladius stand out from its competition is its precise maneuverability. Equipped with powerful propellers comprising its so-called quad-thruster system, Gladius lets you perform quick and nimble adjustments to its underwater position with high precision and accuracy. Its four degrees of freedom enables flexible movements in all directions, including roll maneuvers. Thanks to its powerful on-board electric motors driving each thruster, Gladius can move through the waters at speeds of up to 4 knots (2 meters per second or 6.6 feet per second).

Gladius underwater drone

The Gladius mobile app pairs with a set of videogame-esque hardware piloting controls, which lets you control the Gladius underwater drone with complete precision and freedom. Simply insert your Android or iOS smartphone into the controls, fire up the Gladius app, and you can instantly connect to the drone over a Wi-Fi-based connection. With your phone resting between the modular controllers, the Gladius app provides a command-center feel to your navigation experience and puts you in charge of the action via a high-definition live-stream feed of the drone’s camera during use.

Engineered to take drone functionality into the water, the Gladius underwater drone is made for anyone who wants to take high-quality photos and videos underwater. Its set of user-friendly yet highly advanced features create professional-quality underwater imagery for everyone to enjoy, at a reasonable price point that justifies its feature set quite well.