Travis: Speak like a local in 80 languages

Travis Language Translater

Have you even been the butt of a friendly joke or comment by trying to speak a local language and  end up fumbling for Google Translate? Many people are faced with the dilemma of trying to create meaningful conversations with people from across the world, but they encounter language barriers along the way. That changes today with a device that fits in your pocket, giving you the chance to speak to a wide range of people just like a local would. Introducing Travis, a universal translator that listens to you and converts what you say to over 80 different languages. It’s a device so handy, you won’t even bother to use a pocket dictionary or translation apps to say the right words. Just speak, and it can do the rest of the hard work for you.

Offering a much better experience than simply entering phrases into a translator app, Travis is designed around efficiency in producing instant and real-time conversations with people from various countries. A key advantage it offers is speed, since there’s virtually no lag between what you say and what it means for the person you’re speaking with. All it takes is to press a button and Travis will listen to your words and translate it to your desired output language. The brains behind its instant translation feature is an artificial intelligence algorithm which adapts to your speaking style and performs better every time you use it.

Whether you travel for work or leisure, Travis can help you create conversations with locals of whatever country you’re in. Choose the language that matches the country you’re at, and speak whatever you want to say – Travis will provide you with a seamless translation assistance that’s similar to a personal human translator. International and exchange students will also find Travis a great help, since it can take off the stresses of learning a new language when moving in to a different country.

Travis Language Translater

Travis works in both loudspeaker and earphone modes, which works equally well in noisy streets and at home. The loudspeaker mode will enable Travis to output translated phrases with its built-in speaker, while the earphone mode gives complete privacy and discreet operation in meetings and private conversations. Travis works for both wired and wireless headsets, providing wide compatibility with almost any earphone.

Powering the intelligent translator is a quad-core processor that gives instantaneous translations every single time. There are over 80 languages available – some are designed for offline use which doesn’t rely on a cellular or Wi-Fi connection, however most languages require Internet connectivity to work properly. A single charge can power up Travis for up to 12 hours.

Travis is designed to make conversations easier for everyone, with no regard for language barriers. All it takes is to speak comfortably in your language, and let it do the rest.