Earmo: Smart, non-intrusive ear thermometer

Earmo Thermometer

When our loved ones show the first signs of a sickness such as fever, it’s imperative that we run to the handy thermometer. But it never received such improvements that would make getting body temperatures as convenient and fuss-free as looking at the time on a wristwatch. Luckily there’s now a better way to check one’s temperature, especially of your child – one that takes out the fuss of inserting a thermometer in the mouth or in the armpits. Introducing Earmo, an intuitive device designed to take temperatures better than traditional intrusive means. It’s made for parents who thinks there’s a much easier and better way to take care of their sick child, and inspired by people who want to make a thermometer that packs in smart features fit for the modern-day living.

Taking cues from minimalism and practical simplicity, Earmo is created as a thermometer from the future – it basically simplifies the temperature reading process by incorporating a design and feature set that’s representative of the latest digital technologies and trends in the mainstream technology market. A rounded, elliptical-shaped shell feels good in the hand, thanks to its smooth and continuous surface that makes it an ergonomic thermometer to hold and use. Within its usable surface is a touch-sensitive LED screen layer that provides intuitive controls and displays the current temperature reading. It truly is a next-generation thermometer – one that looks good as it works.

Earmo Thermometer

When we say it’s easy to take temperature readings with Earmo, it really is. In just one second, it can give off a precise and accurate reading of one’s temperature. This has been made possible through the use of a highly sensitive infrared temperature sensor, relaying temperature information at the speed of blink. Gone are the days of having to wait three minutes for the final reading – Earmo can provide the fastest temperature reading of any smart ear-based thermometer out there. And with the bright and instant-on LED screen, it’s easy to see the reading in all conditions – light or dark – so there’s no need to fiddle with flashlights to see the temperature reading in nighttime uses.

There’s even a companion mobile app to the Earmo thermometer, capable of storing recent temperature readings for each and every member of the family. The Earmo mobile app can help you manage temperature reading records so you can have a reference of high temperatures related to past illness occurences.

With Earmo, getting temperatures of your child or any loved one is easy, convenient, and hygienic. It is a representation of the true smart thermometer – one that incorporates true smart features in a device that’s small yet true to its core.