Upright GO: Correct your posture the smart way

UpRightGo for better Posture

We’re so preoccupied doing heavy work on our computers, chances are we tend to slouch towards the screen – a habit we’ve been accustomed to, which results to chronic back pain that negatively affects our general posture. The age of modern productivity through the use of computers have caused us to adapt to bad sitting habits as a result of poor working ergonomics. This impacts our natural posture badly every time we do. Luckily a nifty device can change all of that and bring back how we’re supposed to sit properly. Enter the Upright GO, a posture trainer designed to correct our slouching habits and improve comfort even for prolonged sitting sessions in front of the computer.

Made to help you improve your sitting habits in front of the computer screen, Upright GO can remind you to sit properly from time to time whenever it detects that you’re slouching or sitting improperly. Beneath its durable molded plastic shell is a vibration mechanism that delivers subtle haptic feedback directly to your skin, reminding you to sit properly every time. Motion sensors inside Upright GO detect posture slips, triggering subtle vibrations to be sent directly to your skin whenever it requires you to correct how you sit. All it takes to use Upright GO is press the single button and put it on your back – it will automatically respond with posture feedback for the right sitting position.

It’s small enough to be non-intrusive with your clothing, as it rests neatly on your lower back and stays there for an entire day’s worth of work. Hypoallergenic medical-grade adhesive stickers made from skin-friendly silicone material provide a snug fit between Upright GO and your lower back, so you can be assured of a perfect fit that’s not awkward to wear for prolonged uses. Out of the box, Upright GO comes with 5 stickers that’s good for 2-3 weeks of use. When you run out of adhesives, you can conveniently buy sticker packs on the Upright website.

UprightGo for Posture

With an embedded Bluetooth Low Energy chip, Upright GO can connect to your smartphone via the Upright GO companion mobile app for iOS and Android devices. The app provides a comprehensive overview of your posture correction progress, and gives you a glimpse of your personal vital information. It even displays how much running time you have left before you charge it via the micro-USB port. A full 45-minute charge will let you use Upright GO for up to 8 hours, suited for standard working hours in the office. Designed for active individuals, it also resists water and sweat so you can be confident of its fit for an entire workday.

Upright GO encourages you to sit properly for a proper working posture, even with the rigors of active productivity on your desktop or laptop. This nifty gadget will be of great help to people who want to improve their sitting habits, resulting in a more comfortable working experience and a better general posture.