Discover virtual reality in a whole new way with neo 360

Neo360 Virtual Reality

Virtual reality, or simply VR, is steadily making its way towards the mainstream through immersive 360-degree videos and lifelike game and simulated environment experiences via specialized VR headsets. Behind all of the progress of VR in the mainstream are sophisticated cameras that take real-world content and turn them into virtual ones. To unleash the power of these cameras, however, there has to be a professional VR content encoding platform that would bring out the best in any VR media. Enter the neo 360, a platform that provides an entirely new way for VR users to interact with their content. neo 360 features patent-pending technologies that enable pro-quality high-speed VR imagery to be viewed in ways previously unthinkable.

What makes neo 360 a league of its own is its ability to seamlessly incorporate high-speed VR content and render it in a fashion that gives the user full control over his viewing experience. In a nutshell, neo 360 is a playback platform that enables the viewer to fully customize the playback speed and direction of the virtual reality content, which makes up for a more immersive and personal viewing experience. Built by a team of virtual reality and augmented reality specialists hailing from a broad portfolio of companies, the neo 360 was created with the heavy inspiration coming from the demand for a more intimate and more personal viewing experiences with the highest level of immersion and control possible.

The neo 360 platform was designed from the ground up to be widely compatible with almost all VR viewing mediums, ranging from smartphones to computers and even high-end VR headsets. It takes leverage of the omnipresence of mobile devices and computers and their processing power that’s waiting to be tapped. The neo 360 mobile app for both iOS and Android devices can be installed to work with smartphone-based VR headsets such as the Google Cardboard and Zeiss VR One. Intuitive controls on the app works with the motion sensors in the smartphone to deliver full control over the VR content. For computers, the neo 360 also comes in an HTML5-compliant 360-degree player which works for business customers that want to make VR as a main advertising media for their products. Finally, a dedicated neo 360 app for the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus Rift VR headsets lets users take charge of their virtual content with a high-end VR experience.

VR has been so popular these days that many companies are creating endless ways to allow infinite interaction with different kinds of virtual content. That’s why neo 360‘s patent-pending technology is here to stay, opening up new ways for users to get immersed in their content.