Penna: Retro keyboard for the modern individual

Penna Keyboard

We’ve all seen the same generic keyboard styles and layouts over the years, but there has been an increasing demand for stylish yet functional keyboards that cater to the preferences of scrutinizing users. A new breed of retro- and chic-looking keyboards have been introduced by Penna, a new keyboard brand that aims to pay homage to the classic keyboard while delivering a typing experience that’s equally comfortable and striking to the senses as it looks.

With two keycap styles to choose from, Penna wants to be your go-to mobile keyboard with an added retro touch. Hoping to bring that clackety-clack feel and look to your typing tasks, Penna comes in either a square or rounded chrome-lined keycap design that offers distinct benefits and advantages. One notable thing is that the square-shaped keycap delivers more accurate typing than the rounded chrome one, but the latter can offer a more retro look that’s reminiscent of the old-school typewriter keys. Another is that the rounded keys can provide the signature typewriter click sound, which may be more suited for private use at home so as not to disturb your colleagues at the office.

Tired of typing in phrases and key combinations over and over again? Penna includes a neat feature that will take away the stress of repetitive key pressing. It’s called the Macro Bar, a separate button akin to a space-bar located on the side of Penna, which when pressed will trigger a shortcut to your desired phrase or word combinations. This clever feature saves you time and effort when it comes to repetitive typing tasks – a feature unusually seen in a keyboard of its class.

Penna Keyboard

Penna is designed for on-the-go portability and ease of use, that’s why it has a built-in cradle for your tablet or smartphone while you type. The cradle allows for a comfortable typing experience since it holds your device upright in a familiar angle you’d come to expect from a portable work device. It fits a wide range of personal styles and tastes with its five available colors, suited for both work and play. Penna also supports every available mobile operating system – Windows, Android, and iOS users will feel right at home with Penna, and specific keyboard layouts for all operating systems can be customized as well. Built for ultimate wireless productivity, Penna can work for up to six months on two AA batteries.

If you prefer a fancy-looking keyboard that looks as good as it works, Penna might be of your interest. With its set of clever features and a retro-inspired look, you may rethink how you use the keyboard again.