Sprimo: See and know what you breathe

Sprimo Personal Air Monitor breathe

There’s really so much more than what we know about the air we breathe every single day. We don’t see what’s in the air that we take in, yet it’s important to know how good or bad our air is since it has a huge impact on our quality of life and health. Luckily with the help of our smartphone and a tiny portable device, it’s now going to be easy for anyone to “see” the air quality anywhere they may be. Called Sprimo, this smartphone accessory conveniently plugs into your smartphone’s charging port so you can see and know what you really breathe.

Designed by a team of two Silicon Valley engineers, Sprimo was created out of the need for people to know if they breathe in good air or otherwise. Touted as the world’s smallest air monitor, it can check at any given time the quality of air in a given space or room – no bulky hardware or complicated setup necessary. Plug in the Sprino module into your smartphone, launch the companion mobile app, and you can be good to go.

Behind Sprimo’s tiny form factor are pieces of software and hardware that work together to detect even the most minute impurities in the air. Underneath its ABS plastic and stainless steel enclosure is a gas detector module employing a technology that is able to detect thousands of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in the surrounding air. Along with the Sprimo mobile app, the Sprimo air quality monitor can show you a comprehensive air quality information including levels of toxins and chemicals found airborne, an air quality index, and even temperature and humidity readings.

Sprimo Personal Air Monitor Breathe

The Sprimo mobile app boasts of additional features that make sharing your air quality readings easy for others to know. An interactive map will show other Sprimo users within a specified radius, which also shows their air quality readings. When a sufficient number of Sprimo users within your local vicinity is present, you can even see nearby readings and compare your own. The app also features regional air quality indices so you can see if the air that you breathe is still up to regulated standards.

While there are portable air quality monitors available on the market right now, Sprimo offers a more convenient and user-friendly way to check the quality of the air that you breathe – indoors or outdoors. The power of your smartphone is all you need to make Sprimo work for you and your family’s well-being when it comes to breathable air.