Revolar: Get emergency help with a click

Revolar emergency device

When emergencies or distress situations call for urgent help, it’s quite difficult to reach for your loved ones especially when there’s a cut in the communication lines. To solve this, a tech startup has developed a device that will let your family and friends know what’s really happening wherever you are and inform them of imminent danger as events unfold. Meet Revolar, a GPS-based SOS device that connects to your smartphone to call for much-needed help with a few clicks of a button. It’s the first wearable that takes care of your utmost safety whenever and wherever you may be.

Revolar was born out of the need for a simple device that features a quick and easy way to notify loved ones of impending emergency and distress situations. Its tiny yet easy-to-operate form factor allows for discreet usage in all scenarios that require external help. It connects wirelessly to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and with a one-time setup you can set your desired contacts to be notified whenever Revolar is triggered. Revolar features a tactile concave button that can be pressed even without looking, making it a cinch to send a virtual SOS that contains your up-to-date location to your family and friends.

Revolar emergency device

There are three ways to let Revolar do its work. A single press, or “click”, will send real-time location to your designated contacts to let them know you’ve arrived home or anywhere else safe and sound. Double-clicking Revolar will send a distress signal to your trusted contacts when you know there’s an imminent danger. This might be useful for times when you’re uncomfortable with anything that’s going on. The triple click will send emergency alerts to your loved ones containing useful information on summoning emergency responders and authorities in the event of an emergency.

In addition to its emergency notification feature, Revolar also blends smartly with your active lifestyle with its set of additional features. A built-in pedometer allows you to keep track of how much you’ve walked during training sessions or exercising. Tactile feedback through subtle vibrations make Revolar a smart companion for notifications. The haptic feedback activates whenever your sent alerts are received and opened. With the help of the Revolar smartphone app for both iOS and Android systems, you can take advantage of all the features and technology it has to offer. A simple user interface aids in easy setup and customization. You can also find your lost phone by pressing on the Revolar unit itself, and the app will ring your connected smartphone anywhere it may be.

Revolar stands out from the rest of the wearable devices by offering an indispensable feature: by being able to call for help when you need it the most.