BarkBath: Mess-free clean for your dog

BarkBath clean for dogs

If you’re a pet dog owner, chances are you can truly say that the toughest part of being one is cleaning up your dog and keeping their fur well-maintained. Using lots of water, high patience levels, and a strong will to keep your dog in his place during bathing sessions are just some of the key reasons why being a pet dog owner can be troublesome at times – especially when you need to keep those bugs and dirt away from his coat. With the help of BarkBath, a revolutionary device to clean your dog, the chore can become a truly bonding experience for the both of you.

BarkBath is made for portability and ease of use, thanks to its form factor that’s quick to set up and a cinch to store. It’s also designed from the ground up to use up to 50 times less water than washing your dog the traditional way. There are no mess to clean up or loose furs to catch – BarkBath features a tightly integrated nozzle and suction system that mildly injects clean wash water to your dog’s coat while it simultaneously collects dirty water on a vacuum.

Because BarkBath uses way less water than you usually need for a dog wash, you can clean your dog on any area, be it your backyard or even in any room in your home. Just plug in BarkBath, load the included no-rinse dog shampoo, and in a press of a button you can give your dog a new kind of tender-loving care. Your dog will smell even better and get up to play in no time, since there will be no soap residues to worry about and drying time is reduced. BarkBath is also designed to cater to both short- and long-haired dogs, so you can get the exact same cleaning results if you own multiple dogs.

Bissell BarkBath clean for dogs

The hardware inside BarkBath is inspired by the cleaning mechanism of a vacuum cleaner, while making the machine as dog-friendly as possible with its low-noise operation. Maintaining BarkBath is also made easy with a separate dirty water tank that’s easy to clean and re-use. A long 11-foot washing arm will help give your dog a better clean by reaching every part of the dog’s coat.

Its efficient water-saving and cleaning process makes BarkBath an optimal choice for the best dog-cleaning tool you can get right now. It’s time to change the way you give your dog a kind of clean that you’ll love to see, smell, and feel every time.