Snapmaker: 3D printer, CNC carving, and laser engraving in one

SnapMaker 3D printing

It’s amazing how 3D printers have changed the landscape of hobby project-making over the past few years. Thanks to these robotic machines, almost anyone can create their intricately-detailed projects in a fraction of time it takes to make without one. One tech startup aims to improve upon the 3D printer by adding features that can further step up your creative game to the next level. Called Snapmaker, this all-in-one machine combines the ease and efficiency of 3D printing with computer numerical control (CNC) milling and laser engraving, allowing you to expand your project-making horizon.

Heavily influenced by the limitless possibilities an all-in-one crafting tool can offer, Snapmaker promises to improve on how project hobbyists make their custom creations. Making use of as little footprint as possible, this all-in-one machine sits atop your desk or any flat, workable surface without taking up too much of your precious space. It’s so compact, you can set up the entire thing in under 10 minutes. Its integrated linear module saves working space and is able to render tasks in all three dimensions. The entire chassis is constructed from a very strong yet lightweight Series 6000 aluminum alloy, which is also manufactured using the CNC milling process. Designed for precision work, Snapmaker has tolerances measured in microns so you can get highly accurate and precise custom components for your next project.

Snapmaker 3D printer

Snapmaker highlights its 3D printing feature as the most intuitive and practical way to manufacture custom objects. With a high-resolution printing paired with auto-leveling mechanism, Snapmaker ensures excellent 3D-printed objects that rival machines costing upwards of $1,000. CNC carving comes as a standard feature with Snapmaker. You can conveniently detail wood, polycarbonate, and acrylic materials with the CNC module. In addition to its 3D printing and CNC milling capabilities, Snapmaker is also capable of high-quality laser engraving for a variety of materials. Just change the linear module with the 500-mW laser module, and you can start engraving any combination of characters on fabric, wood, plastic, and many more soft surfaces.

Snapmaker is ready to up the ante in the market for 3D printing machines, owing its advantage to its tough yet compact construction and a set of features previously unseen with such a machine. Combining three features in a singular device truly makes sense, as saving costs, time, and effort are what at-home project makers are really after.