Lockbook: Secure your notes with your fingerprint

Lockbook Fingerprint In today’s digital and fast-paced world, it’s important to keep our personal stuff as private and secure as possible. Thanks to modern technologies and advancements in digital security, we now benefit from a lot of security options such as biometrics to prevent unwanted access to our most important files. However, there’s a catch – these technologies only secure our digital files, which are stored in our devices like phones and computers. What if we take that level of security to make our physical items and thoughts secure and private? That is the question that the Lockbook aims to give an answer to. It’s the world’s first fingerprint secured notebook that locks and unlocks with your consent.

It can be recalled that the tech company Apple revolutionized the way of securing iPhones with its fingerprint sensor, since it banked on the idea that digital files can be secured with the most secure password: our fingers. Lockbook takes inspiration from the smartphone fingerprint reader by taking a plain notebook and adding a smart level of security – it essentially locks the notebook by your fingerprint, and unlocks it with the same mechanism. You can write all your notes and personal thoughts on a normal sheet of notebook paper, and feel secure that Lockbook will keep it yours and only yours to know and see in its entirety.

The technology behind Lockbook’s fingerprint sensor is advanced, yet provides an intuitive and easy access for your convenience and on-the-go usability. A high-resolution capacitive sensor reads your fingerprint at a fraction of a second, giving a discreet haptic feedback letting you know it’s open. The sensor reads your fingerprint at any orientation, and is encrypted via the BIOSEC encryption algorithm, keeping your print secure at all times. You can register up to two fingerprints at any given time. The fingerprint module is enclosed in a durable polycarbonate enclosure that withstands everyday usage conditions while also prevents others from tampering.

Not only Lockbook holds your personal writings, but it can also hold your private and sensitive items such as credit cards, photos, identification cards, contacts, and other miscellaneous items thanks to its multi-purpose storage pockets. It’s also modular, which lets you hold a variety of items that are replaceable and detachable as you wish. It even supports any kind of loose leaf notebook paper – when you’ve written enough to fill Lockbook, just place your favorite paper sheets and get going as usual. Lockbook is offered in a variety of colors and matching textures, fitting your personal style and taste. The fingerprint sensor module operates with a built-in lithium-ion battery that charges via a micro-USB connection.

Lockbook provides everyone with a secure notebook experience, made possible by its integrated fingerprint-activated lock mechanism. It keeps the essence of writing on paper exactly as it should, while giving an added layer of smart protection for your personal files and thoughts.