SmartIllumi: Smart nightlight for your toilet

SmartIllumi Toilet

A trip to the bathroom every night is quite a chore for many people, and it’s a fact that this journey is difficult for two reasons: it may be too dark, or the light is way uncomfortably bright. Many people also tend to miss “the target”, or get bruised from slips and falls by walking in the dark. That’s why a tech startup has devised a toilet accessory called SmartIllumi, which conveniently attaches to your toilet and instantly illuminates the toilet bowl when you walk in. SmartIllumi can transform your nightly journey to the toilet a fun and safe experience.

The SmartIllumi was developed as a derivation of the nightlight – in this case, one that fits perfectly and specifically for the toilet. It aims to change how we use the toilet for urgency at night by integrating motion-activated lighting that’s easy on the eyes and a smart addition to your home. Powered by a set of LEDs that support up to 16 million colors, SmartIllumi can provide rich, colorful, and fully customizable lighting to your toilet bowl. A motion sensor uses infrared technology to detect movement, so it activates the lights right when you step into the bathroom – there are no buttons to press or switches to flick, it just works automatically.

SmartIllumi Toilet

There are two modes that you can choose from: a standard mode which lights up your abode with a single solid color of your choice, and a carousel mode which makes up for a fun lighting scheme with rotating colors every four seconds. In addition to the mode settings, you can also customize the level of brightness you want. With the SmartIllumi mobile app for iOS and Android devices, you can choose the mode and brightness setting you want, as well as choosing the colors you prefer from millions of colors making up the color palette selector.

SmartIllumi is fully compatible with every toilet out there – its clip-on attachment mechanism clings to the rim of your toilet seat, no complicated setup required. A built-in battery provides up to 3 months of use on a single charge. You can easily recharge the battery via a USB connection, so there are no batteries to replace every so often. Durable and water resistant, it is built to take water splashes and frequent usage cycles, not to mention it’s easy to clean as well.