Knife Robot: Effortless, hands-free knife sharpener

Got a dull knife at home? There’s no more excuse for a tedious manual knife sharpening task or an expensive sharpening service from a pro. You can bring home a portable yet professional-grade device that can turn your dull knives into sharp ones, all without a learning curve or spending too much on pro services. Meet the Knife Robot, a Silicon Valley creation that turns knife sharpening into a magical experience – it ensures a safe hands-free operation in a matter of minutes, adding more time in doing what you love in the kitchen and less on menial tasks.

Inspired by a recently conducted American survey showing that 4 out of 5 Americans have dull knives and are afraid to sharpen them on their own, the Knife Robot takes away the fuss and trouble of manually honing knives and injuring oneself from doing so. It’s a fully automated knife sharpening machine, and only needs the intervention of putting the knife in and pulling it out when the process is done. Built by knife enthusiasts beginning with a prototype made out of an Arduino microcomputer and a cheap CNC machine, the Knife Robot has evolved into an indispensable tool that provides quick and reliable knife sharpening anytime and anywhere of your convenience.

Knife Robot

There are only a few steps needed to turn that dull knife into a durable one that will last hundreds of uses. First, you place any knife with a size less than or equal to 10 inches in length into the Knife Robot unit. From there, the easy-to-use touchscreen interface will allow you to select and adjust a variety of parameters such as honing angle, robot motor speed, and belt pressure. When you’re satisfied with the sharpening settings, a press of a button will let Knife Robot to do the rest – sit back, relax, and wait for approximately five minutes for it to hone your knife to its sharp, pristine, like-new state. Knife Robot claims that the process could take more than five minutes for knives that are in really bad shape. It can sharpen almost any knife within its size limit, even for ones that have serrated edges.

Knife Robot combines smart patented technologies and a user-friendly knife sharpening interface that allows anyone to sharpen their knives with utmost ease. From household users to the most discerning knife enthusiast, the Knife Robot is sure to please with its abilities.