Nurugo SmartUV: Turn your phone into a UV camera

Nurugo SmartUV Camera

We tend to neglect the effects of the environment upon our skin’s health – particularly the harmful amounts of ultraviolet rays we absorb every day. In an effort to proactively keep our skin in tip-top shape, South Korean tech firm Nurugo has developed a device that specifically allows you to see how UV rays affect your skin before it gets worse. Called the Nurugo SmartUV, it is a camera that attaches to your smartphone and scans your skin for anything that indicates sun damage.

Nurugo’s SmartUV UV camera is purposely made for monitoring one’s skin health, in a way that the user can check for any skin problems at their onset. With this, anyone with a smartphone can see how parts of the skin are exposed to harmful ultraviolet light, and react appropriately by limiting sun exposure or applying sunscreen. In addition, this device will let you know if sunscreen products actually live up to their claims. Say you’ve applied sunscreen onto your face, and want to check on its effectiveness – just point the SmartUV camera to your face, and instantly see which skin areas are either protected or otherwise. Skin areas that appear black indicates a UV light blockage, while white-colored areas are highly prone to UV exposure and subsequent skin damage.

Nurugo SmartUV Camera

The device itself requires low maintenance and intervention, thanks to its plug-and-play design. It plugs to your smartphone which means it doesn’t rely on a separate power source to work. SmartUV is made for both iOS and Android devices, with specific plugs compatible for both Lightning and micro-USB connections. Accompanying the hardware is the Nurugo SmartUV mobile app, which enables the SmartUV’s core features and provides a real-time stream of imagery coming from the SmartUV module. Praised for its design and simplicity, the Nurugo SmartUV has been named as one of the Innovation Honorees at the recent 2017 Consumer Electronics Show.

Nurugo SmartUV opens up a smart way for anyone to see their skin’s health and the detrimental effects of UV exposure. Its simple plug-and-play design and the companion mobile app allows for ease of use, so you can save your skin from sun damage before it worsens – right on your mobile device.