Titan Note: Small yet powerful audio-to-text device

Titan Note Text

Taking notes during lectures and meetings seem like a daunting task for many, as it’s quite hard to grasp every detail that comes out as it flows through conversations. Aside from traditionally jotting down minutes on paper, there have been many choices to take notes such as typing onto a laptop or tablet, or recording audio through smartphones. However, the latter has been always the same – many recording apps only record sound, leaving the rest to the user to digest recorded information. What if there’s a device that could easily turn recorded audio into transcribed words that you can view and edit after the fact? Meet the Titan Note, a tiny recording device that features true speech-to-text transcription on the fly.

By placing it on any flat working surface such as a table or desk, the Titan Note can accurately record everything that is spoken and push it directly to your connected smartphone via the iOS and Android app. From here, you can summarize the transcription to get a quick review of the notes at any time, as well as edit it and share it with others. Using Bluetooth wireless technology, Titan Note connects to your smartphone and instantly pushes the transcription to the app. The app will show real-time transcription of recorded audio, giving you a glimpse of the audio recording process. Right from the app, you can play back entire audio recordings or specific sections of them, as well as edit transcribed audio text for saving or sharing. It also provides translation of text into 10 different languages with reversible translation, including English, Spanish, German, and many others.

Titan Note Text

Not only Titan Note works as an audio transcriber, it also houses a portable speaker and a power bank. Equipped with a 3W audio driver and passive sub-woofer, you can wirelessly stream your music directly from your phone via Bluetooth – useful for listening to tunes while in the office or during lecture breaks. If your smartphone or tablet suddenly runs out of charge, Titan Note can provide enough power to keep your device running up to the nearest wall charger with its built-in 3800mAh battery. When it’s solely used for audio purposes, the Titan Note can record continuously for up to 55 hours on a single charge, or an equivalent of 33 hours of continuous audio playback.

Titan Note offers the ease and convenience of recording and transcribing audio for you, so you can focus on what matters during lectures or meetings.