PLEN Cube: Tiny yet powerful personal robot

PLEN Cube Robot

The Internet of Things (IoT) connect and unify all of our devices for one common thing: to make them work in harmony with each other, especially at home. With this intelligent technology in mind, the PLEN Cube has its goal of being a smart companion for all your devices, even while you’re on the go. Thanks to smart features such as task automation and a built-in camera, this small device can turn your previously menial tasks into something you can really look forward in doing over and over again.

At its core is the power of a personal robot, giving you plenty of opportunity to connect your smart devices and delegate tasks in a cinch. PLEN Cube lets you aggregate a wide variety of intelligent services that can be activated through a sequence of instructions. For example, you can use a weather service to push live weather information directly to your smartphone with the PLEN Cube mobile app. It acts as a central hub for gathering all your connected devices, and pushes every bit of information you want at the exact time you need them. This feature also works for your calendar, social media account updates, and more. PLEN Cube’s IoT capabilities also extend to the home, with its support for home automation services and IoT-connected home hardware. You can control your connected home devices with PLEN Cube through voice commands and gestures, so it’s easy to set up your home the way you want for various scenarios.

In addition to its function as a personal robot, it also features a built-in full HD camera that can be controlled from your smartphone, tablet, or PC from anywhere at anytime whenever it’s connected over Wi-Fi. With the camera, you can capture beautiful panoramic photos and portrait shots with face and motion tracking. It can also be used as a video camera – thanks to its fully rotating body that moves 360 degrees around itself, you can shoot that perfect timelapse video, or for streaming live video over popular social media platforms. Built-in optical stabilization ensures stable photo capture and smooth videos every time. Since PLEN Cube is a device made for IoT, you can easily say a voice command and let it activate the camera for photos and videos right from your connected smart device.

Powered by intelligent hardware from Intel called the Joule SoM, PLEN Cube detects gesture and voice and relays these information to your connected automation services and home devices. It’s fully equipped with a variety of sensors that detect movement and sound, in addition to its wireless connectivity made possible by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies.

PLEN Cube combines portability and smart automation in a simple yet intuitive way. By integrating automation tasks within its hardware and software, it’s easy for anyone to delegate daily tasks from their connected devices even while on the go.