Handrone: Gesture-controlled drone


Our hands and fingers are the absolute best controllers for just about anything – it helps us to do basically anything in our everyday lives that require precise control and motion. What if we take our natural hand movements to take command of flying a drone? That’s the question that Handrone is about to answer. Handrone is a new kind of smart drone that runs on your hand and finger gestures. So when you want to take it for a spin, all it takes is raising your hand and flicking your fingers.

Handrone is quite a departure from the usual smart drones out there, in the sense that it offers a more tactile control over your drone flying experience. Intuitive finger gestures and hand movements are at the core of Handrone’s functionality, where sophisticated electronics sense the movements of your hand and translate them into tangible drone action. A smart bracelet is worn by the user, which links itself to the drone via a Wi-Fi connection. This wearable device houses the accelerometer and gyroscope, so you can easily control the altitude, direction, and speed of the drone. The drone itself takes the form of a quadcopter, equipped with four impeller blades housed within a four-armed chassis. Powerful motors keep it afloat for just up to 10 minutes on a single charge, which may be quite inadequate for some. Nonetheless, it makes up for a one-of-a-kind drone flying experience as you can have it flown just by using your hands and fingers. It also houses a high-definition camera for immersive aerial photos and videos, which you can also export for viewing with virtual reality headsets.


Running the Handrone is an open-source software which is infinitely customizable to those who want to take it flying to the next level. The modifiable source code is for programmers and hobbyists who want to unleash Handrone’s full potential by being able to incorporate custom flying instructions.

If you’re in the market for a drone that doesn’t require separate controllers or remotes, Handrone is a good option. It provides basic functionality of a drone enabled by your hand, so you can free up your senses in immersing into a futuristic drone flying experience.