LuminAID PackLite Max: Portable solar lantern and phone charger

LuminAID Lantern

Over a billion people all over the world have limited or no access to a reliable source of light and electricity. But for two graduates of Columbia University Graduate School of Architecture, the issue at hand can be remedied with an elementary approach: harness the power of the Sun with a device that’s simple yet functional. Created as a refinement of the original and successful Luminaid lantern project, the LuminAID PackLite Max Phone Charger is a portable solar-powered lantern with an integrated charging port for mobile devices. It’s designed to bring a dependable light source and access to vital communications through powered mobile devices for remote communities, and as a reliable emergency device for calamities and unforeseen situations. It also works as a handy device for camping or any other outdoor activity.

With its semi-transparent waterproof material, the LuminAID PackLite Max Phone Charger can be inflated into a cube-shaped lantern that’s able to generate up to 150 lumens of brightness. When not in use, it deflates and tucks easily into a 1-inch thick flat sheet so you can stow it easily anywhere. Powering the bright LED lights is a 2000-mAh battery that’s directly recharged by the built-in solar panel. It can give up to 50 hours of continuous illumination in Low Mode (at 15 lumens) or the maximum 150 lumens of bright light in Turbo Mode. In addition, the battery also functions as a power source for your mobile devices via its integrated micro-USB charging port. Fast charging is a standard with the USB charging feature, as it’s rated to charge devices quickly at 5 V and 2.4 A – the same with conventional wall chargers. The solar panel can also recharge your devices in 12-14 hours, depending on the battery capacity of your mobile device.

LuminAID Lantern

The LuminAID PackLite Max Phone Charger is made for harsh conditions – in hot, cold, wet, or dry weather. When inflated, it can float atop water surfaces and can also be submerged up to a depth of 1 meter thanks to its IP67 certification. The semi-transparent material that houses Luminaid can be washed whenever it accumulates dirt.

Along with other basic human needs such as water, food, and shelter, light is one of these necessities. The LuminAID PackLite Max Phone Charger takes advantage of modern materials and smart technologies with the goal of bringing a dependable source of light to communities. It also aims to be an ultra-portable accessory for people who frequent the outdoors, providing ample amounts of light and portable power for mobile devices.