LenzO: High-quality underwater photos on your iPhone

LenzO underwater camera

One of the sought-after features from the iPhone is the water resistance feature. Luckily, the latest iteration of this popular smartphone gave way to include a water-resistant chassis that’s able to withstand splashes in the beach or rain showers. But to take underwater photos with the iPhone 7 would be practically impossible by just relying on the built-in waterproofing, that’s why a new enclosure designed for it will give you the ability to shoot photos and videos up to 328 feet underwater – all while having complete control of your iPhone as if you’re simply using it onshore. It’s called LenzO, a custom-designed underwater case for the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus that instantly turns it into a fully-capable diving camera.

LenzO originated from the idea conceptualized by Emmy Award-winning underwater cinematographer Anthony Lenzo and National Geographic underwater housing designer Valentins Ranetkins. The nature of their work enabled them to design LenzO as a fuss-free solution for smartphone users who want to experience underwater photography and videography without spending a fortune on specialized hardware. LenzO hits two birds with one stone: it offers complete waterproofing for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus at water depths of up to 328 feet (100 meters), and its clever design lets you use your iPhone underwater without clunky controls – just like you’d operate it while above water. Through its dual-control system, one can control on-screen items by simply operating an outside controller on the external shell. A small arm on the inside of the case features a capacitive layer that will press against the iPhone screen upon the user’s control. In addition, sleep/wake and home button controls are also provided with the case itself.

As an added bonus, LenzO also includes built-in filters that are designed to aid in optimizing the camera’s white balance while shooting photos and videos underwater. A dome-shaped lens construction also opens up both the rear and front cameras for a complete perspective of whatever you’re shooting. The LenzO case for the iPhone 7 lets it float atop when you accidentally slip it out of your hands, while the iPhone 7 Plus case features an aluminum shell which gives it an enhanced depth rating than the regular case. Either way, users will appreciate the fact that the LenzO case works for all camera apps including the default Camera app for iOS – which unlike other underwater phone cases, doesn’t require a third-party camera app to work.

LenzO unleashes the potential of the iPhone 7’s camera by making it more water-friendly. With its depth rating of up to 328 feet, you can take your iPhone to greater depths for better underwater photos.