uArm Swift: Desktop robot arm for everyone

uArm Swift Robot

The days of expensive robot arms are gone, thanks to an innovative solution from uArm. It’s called the uArm Swift, an open-source desktop robot arm that rivals the functionality of industrial robot arms. It offers a variety of features to help project makers and hobbyists accomplish precise tasks like assembly, printing, sorting, and many more. The uArm Swift leverages the power of the Arduino open-source software platform for flexible customization of tasks, while providing a user-friendly operation that takes the fuss and complexity out of the equation.

Whether you need delicate or high-intensity repetitive tasks, the uArm Swift is up to the challenge. The uArm Swift is the basic version of the robot arm, which allows you to delegate precision tasks such as drawing, laser engraving, and painting, among many others. Its high-precision arm makes effortless movements thanks to its combination of a parallel mechanism structure and RC servos, resulting in a balanced operation. The chassis is built from an aluminum alloy for a strong yet lightweight construction that’s able to withstand payloads of up to 500 grams. For professional applications or tasks that require a faster and more accurate response, the uArm Swift Pro steps into action. The pro version of the uArm Swift carries all the features of the standard Swift robot arm, with an improved stepper motor and enhanced repeatability tolerance of less than 0.2 millimeters.

Both the Swift and the Swift Pro allows for easy remote operation through its wireless connection over Bluetooth. Both the uArm Studio application for Windows and the uArm Play app for mobile devices give complete control over the Swift. A graphical programming interface lets you control Swift with a few clicks and taps. The uArm Studio features both mouse-and-keyboard and gesture controls, so you can program Swift with extreme precision. The uArm Play app supports swipes and taps for precise movements of the robot arm, resulting in an effortless control right from your smartphone or tablet.

To enable more tasks with the Swift and Swift Pro, accessories called end-effectors can be attached to the arm. These include suction cups, metallic grippers, and universal holders. The robot arm also supports third-party hardware modules that lets you plug in sensors and actuators to enable a wider range of actions. At its heart is the Arduino open-source software platform, which is made for easy programmability to suit custom tasks for different purposes.