Lil Rose: Trendy, fashionable suitcase

Lil Rose Suitcase

The travel suitcase is – and has been – traditionally anchored to the philosophy of function over form, which is the sole reason why we tend to find only a handful of crafty suitcase designs in an ocean of plain, neutral-colored bags and trolleys. As the conventional design of travel suitcases lives on up to this very day, one fashion-oriented startup aims to disrupt the monotonous suitcase design and build one that will enable the traveling public to go fashion-forward with their bags. Meet the Lil Rose, a smartly-designed travel suitcase that puts the “I” in “fashion” – with its trendy design, it helps to bring out the inner princess in every girl or woman who takes it with them.

The Lil Rose is made to feature a fashionable design statement without compromising on the “form over function” clause. Instead, it is an equally functional travel suitcase as it looks. The first thing that will surely draw everyone’s attention is its outer shell lined with a colorful faux fur texture. As most bags are made with similar designs, Lil Rose makes itself stand out from the crowd by offering an eye-catching design that never goes stale with time. Available in five bright colors, its fur lining is responsibly made from synthetic, hypoallergenic toy fur – the same material used in fluffy toys, giving it an advantage in sustainable and responsible manufacturing since it doesn’t make use of animal fur, nor it will cause harm to the health.

Trendy and functional are the two key words that firmly describe Lil Rose. This suitcase makes trendy travel a reality, because the Lil Rose allows you to match your travel outfit with your bag. Together with its fashion-forward outlook, the suitcase offers a variety of smart features to make your travel experience as seamless and effortless as possible. Underneath the colorful faux fur textured exterior is a hard and durable shell made from ABS plastic. Gone are the days when your luggage breaks during your journey – the outer shell is tough enough to withstand even the harshest airport movements. Its telescopic handle offers silky-smooth operation, ensuring a comfortable handling that’s easy on the hands. A built-in zipper-and-lock system of German quality takes care of securing your valuables anywhere you go, and its 360-degree rotating wheels glides across most surfaces with ease and are rated to roll for a total distance of 100,000 miles without showing signs of damage. Finally, the Lil Rose fits most airline cabin compartments so you don’t have to worry about fitting it in your next flight.

Most suitcases go with a generic and very common design language, but the Lil Rose is way different in a good way. Its fashionable and trendy design, paired with standard luggage functionality, will make travel for women a whole lot better.