Hy: Forget about headphones

Hy HeadphonesWe’ve all been accustomed to wearing ordinary headphones and earbuds as we know them. For decades, everyone has been using headphones for music, phone calls, or even just doing nothing but listen to white noise. Thanks to advances and refinements in portable audio tech over the years, the headphone changed the way our ears perceive sound. However, wearing them isn’t the most ergonomic option available, as their varying shapes and sizes don’t fit quite well for some people. Luckily for us now, one startup tries to disrupt the headphone industry by making something that will put headphones into oblivion. Maybe today’s the day that we forget how we think of headphones – for good. Introducing Hy, an innovative and smart headphone solution that takes sound directly to your senses while offering a natural fit and feel.

In a nutshell, Hy is a high-end portable audio device that lets you listen to music or take phone calls with crystal-clear quality while also being able to hear things around you – all without having the intrusive feel of earbuds or the bulky weight of over-the-ear headphones. A truly minimalist design makes a statement amongst other wireless headphones, as the electronics are neatly tucked beneath the ear for a snug and comfortable fit. Hy features a bone conduction technology enabled by patent-pending hybrid balanced armature/piezo wishbone audio drivers that deliver crystal-clear sound without blocking your ear canal for a more comfortable audio listening experience anywhere and anytime.

Adding to the refined audio experience is the active noise cancellation technology, which Hy claims to reduce up to 30 dB of ambient noise while in use. This clever feature is a more appealing substitute to the functionality of most earbuds which only passively cancels outside noise by blocking the ear canal. Through active noise cancellation, you can expect a clearer audio for music or phone calls. Not only the Hy works as an audio device, but its integrated sensors enable seamless fitness tracking without the need for armbands, watches, or shoe attachments. Hy helps you stay fit through its range of sensors that track your heart rate, movements, and body temperature. All of these health data can be synced back to your phone over Bluetooth.

Hy Headphones

While most wireless headphones provide limited listening periods, Hy is able to play your tunes continuously up to 18 hours on a single charge. This is made possible thanks to its tightly integrated electronics on the ear hook, which houses two 260-mAh batteries, a USB charging port for convenient and flexible charging, and all of the sensors and acoustic electronics.

Hy is about to change the way we think about portable audio by tapping the potential of smart technologies to create a much better audio listening experience.