Solowheel Iota: Smallest smart e-vehicle

Solowheel Iota e-vehicle

For many, getting around in the urban jungle is an important part of their daily lives – the commute makes it possible for people to go to work or school, or to explore the busy metropolis. However, many cities around the world can’t offer a smooth commute experience, as many public transportation systems are bugged with inefficiencies such as train or bus stations that are quite far away from where people work or live. As a solution to this problem, e-vehicles such as portable people movers have come to life. With portable e-vehicles such as the Solowheel Iota, anyone can roam the busy city streets and make their way to the office or school without wasting time trying to hail cabs or waiting on bus or train stations. The Solowheel Iota tags itself as the smallest e-vehicle available, targeting urban dwellers who need a last-mile solution.

With so many available portable people movers on the market right now, it’s quite hard to pick the right last-mile solution. Fortunately, the Solowheel Iota has the advantage of being so compact, it just measures 7 inches when folded – the very portable form factor makes it even easier for you to carry the Solowheel Iota on your backpack for zipping through alleys and sidewalks with ease. As hoverboards and powered skateboards are relatively bulkier with their length and weight, the Solowheel Iota presents itself as a more convenient option both for riding comfort and ultimate portability. A distilled version of the original Solowheel, the Solowheel Iota features a lower ride height to make it even quicker for most people to learn how to ride it. Beneath its compact chassis is a powerful 1000-watt electric motor that’s capable of covering a distance of 8 miles at speeds of up to 10 miles an hour – enough to get you through streets for your quick errands or going home from work in style instead of just walking.

Solowwheel Iota e-vehicle

Safety comes as a high priority for the Solowheel Iota. It is equipped with both front and rear lights, increasing your nighttime visibility towards other vehicles or people crossing the street. Its self-balancing mechanism along with a parallelogram-based turning assist system makes it a safer alternative compared to other similar people movers, and provides an easy learning curve for anyone.

The Solowheel Iota improves on its predecessor by presenting itself with a more compact form paired with intelligent riding mechanisms and a safer overall riding experience. This portable e-vehicle affords anyone the ability to glide through the city streets in a safe, stylish, and comfortable way.