Kitables Mini Lego Drone Kit: Fun-to-make Lego drone

Fun for kids Kitables Mini Lego Drone

DIY drone maker Kitables is coming back again this year with a smaller version of its successful and well-loved regular-sized Lego drone. With the Kitables Mini Lego Drone Kit, fans of both Lego blocks and drone technology – from kids to kids at heart – will highly appreciate a smaller version of the popular Lego drone that aims for affordable fun. Its do-it-yourself nature appeals to hobbyists of all ages, so they can create an infinite number of drone contraptions with Lego blocks. Since many people like to tinker with things, the Kitables Mini Lego Drone Kit provides them an opportunity to explore their creativity with a DIY drone building experience that’s easy and fun at the same time.

The Kitables Mini Lego Drone Kit comes in a single box that contains everything you’ll need to get started. Unpack it, and you will find a handful of kit items such as a set of electric motors, a battery, a receiver and controller set, propellers, and of course – Lego blocks – to help you go from nothing to flying in a matter of time. A straightforward instruction guide creates a user-friendly drone building experience, even for novice users. With a cheaper price point, the Mini Lego Drone Kit is aimed at children who want to hop into the DIY maker bandwagon while also helping them to develop their tinkering skills. As a smaller version of the regular Kitables Lego drone, even adults will have countless hours of fun trying to build their own mini Lego drone setups.

Fun for kids Kitables Mini lego Drone

By simply snapping up Lego pieces into place and adding a bit of tweaking with the electronics through soldering and servo installation, the Mini Lego Drone Kit promises a plug-and-play usability. There’s even no need to worry about crashing this drone, as it’s made of durable Lego blocks that you can simply put together again if ever it falls apart into pieces. There are no software needed to download and install, which eliminates another step towards DIY drone flying. At just the size of your palm, it’s quite hard to believe that anyone can live the dream of flying toys by sticking basic electronics with Legos. It may be as basic as it may seem, but don’t be fooled – the Kitables Mini Lego Drone Kit packs a lot of potential for creating your very own flying machine while also having fun around building it.