Zera Food Recycler: Add value to food waste

Zera Food Recycler

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could take your daily food scraps at home and turn them into something useful, without the mess and the hard work? It’s now made possible thanks to the Zera Food Recycler, a household solution designed to eliminate the need to throw food scraps into landfills and get something useful out of the waste. It helps families manage their food waste a lot more efficient than ever by converting their waste into a homemade fertilizer, which aids in growing their own fresh produce right in their backyard or lawn.

Zera Food Recycler is able to convert a typical family’s weekly worth of food waste into a usable fertilizer in 24 hours, thanks to its combination of technologies integrated in a singular household appliance. With a single touch of a button, up to 7.7 pounds of food waste can be converted in one cycle. A broad range of food scraps can be made into your very own homemade fertilizer – veggies, meat, rice, bread, and many more can be put inside this machine and let it do the conversion for you in just a day.

Zera Food Recycler

There are only three steps that virtually requires minimal effort on your part. First, a plant-based additive pack consisting of coconut coir and baking soda is placed inside the Zera Food Recycler before the food waste fills up the unit. When full, the conversion process can be initialized with the press of the start button – at this point, it will take approximately 24 hours for the waste to be converted into fertilizer through a so-called “transforming cycle”. Mixing blades together with a heat input breaks down the food waste physically and chemically, which yields up to two-thirds the amount of fertilizer compared to the waste’s original volume. The recycler unit is equipped with a HEPA air filter to help contain the malodorous smell of the food waste while it’s being processed. With the companion Zera mobile app for smartphones and tablets, the recycler unit can be controlled wirelessly with a simple tap. The app also offers a notification scheme for maintaining the recycler unit, along with achievement-based rewards for recycling food waste more often.

Hitting two birds with one stone, the Zera Food Recycler extracts nutrients from food waste that helps plants grow better while also helping the environment by cutting methane emissions from food waste that will otherwise go to landfills. This smart device helps households achieve a greener waste footprint.